< Anita e la maschera di ferro DVD available

Released: 1998
Director: Joe d'Amato
Alternate Titles
  • Die Frau in der eisernen Maske DVD available Goldlight
  • Girl in the Iron Mask
  • The Lady in the Iron Mask DVD available DVD In-X-Cess
  • La Maschera di ferro DVD available DVD Pinko

Males -

  • Zenza Raggi plays Alain
  • Leslie White (Leslie Taylor)
  • Bruno Sx plays Count Pierre Paul, the fiancé of the Princess
  • Davide Gladio
  • Chris Charming

Scene breakdown:

(1) Anita Blond, Leslie Taylor. Scene set in a bedroom, on a large bed. Leslie is a sort of a messenger who has come to deliver to the evil Princess a written message from the King. She tells him to stay and entertain her and they have sex. At the end of the scene she kills him with a long knife.

(2) The King sends for a magistrate (Chris Charming) to deal with the situation. He arrives by coach with a lovely blonde (I am assuming she is Yvette Bars). He stops the coach and has sex with the blonde (anal).

(3) The evil Princess is locked up in a dungeon and is condemned to wear an iron mask.

(4) Anita Blond, Zenza Raggi (who plays the King's counselor). They have sex on a desk and chair (this seems to be a flashback scene).

(5) Anita Blond and Judith Varadt. Lesbian scene in jail cell (the iron mask has still not been installed). The two sisters (both played by Anita Blond, by way of special visual effects) strike a deal where they agree to switch identities from time to time. The evil Princess is made to wear the iron mask.

(6) Average looking blonde, Bruno Sx. Scene set in the corridor of a mansion, standing up against a large pillar and on the floor.

(7) In the dungeons, a jailer lets the Princess out, removes her mask and has sex with her. At the end she kills him as well.

(8) Pierre Paul goes and visits the Princess and unable to find her, he seduces a virginal maid (Judytha Bella, here with long light brown hair) (anal).

(9) Zenza Raggi and light-haired brunette (slim built, medium sized breasts, tattoo on upper right arm - Wanda Curtis) (anal).

(10) Anita Blond, Bruno Sx, Wanda Curtis, and another dark-haired girl.

(11) Zenza Raggi and female in iron mask (it is not Anita Blond, nor brunette in scene 9 and 10, very difficult to figure out who she may be) (anal).

Comments: Zora Banks is supposed to be in the film, but I don't know whether this is true or whether I have misidentified her. She did not look like any of the blondes that were in the film, unless she is the blonde in scene 2 in the coach, which I doubt.


DVD  21.95 USD Gamelink: Lady In the Iron Mask In-X-Cess
Video on Demand (Stream)  8.95 USD Gamelink: Lady In the Iron Mask In-X-Cess
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