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 Film 3
Author: jj 
Date:   01-31-09 14:44

Subtitled "Dr. Madelaine's Lessons in Lust".
Almost John Lindsay, that
Details of the British contingent.
Lisa, as 'Brigitte Ashley-Warner', plays Thelma; Danielle Bastion
plays Louisa; Gilly, as 'Stephanie Hart-Rodgers', plays the titular
Dr. Madelaine Dupont; Julia as Lydia Channel [sic]. I assume the
'Perignon' is every bit as obviously made-up as the Brit girls'
aliases but it's bedded-in now and her forename Dominique has
some provenance, so what the hey. Bgafd resolutely persist with
'Bastien' rather than 'Bastion'; the latter appears at both ends of
the flick, so we'll have to send 'the boys' round in the armoured
car, to have a 'quiet word'....
Males are uncredited.

Crisp and clear, nice colours, some great lingerie and four scenes
with lovely Lisa- so, making allowances for the vintage, pretty
damn' good. Oh, and Julia- therefore compulsory viewing.

1) Julia- b/g, and Dominique- DP, +Richard Lengin/Alberto Rey;
2) Lisa- b/g, +unknown male1 [her SO at the time??];
3) Gilly and Julia- anals, +AR/unknown male2;
4) Lisa- anal, and Danielle- b/g, +unknown male3 [a regular for
Private at the time, but I can't recall his name].
The anal is shot in close-up only but from peripheral glimpses it
seems unlikely to have been faked- and she happily takes a finger
in the ass in sc. 7;
5) Dominique- DP, +RL/unknown male3; Lisa, Danielle and Gilly-
les 3-way;
6) Gilly- DP bbbg, +AR/RL/unknown male3;
7) Lisa- bbg, Julia- DP, Danielle- b/g, and Gilly- anal, +AR/RL/
unknown male2/unknown male4 [again, familiar from other
Private efforts].

Gilly. What a cracker she was back then:


Lisa.... there was a particular frisson for us Brits, seeing this
well-known top-shelf magazine girl for once 'doing the nasty':


Danielle, a striking catwalk-tall mixed-race honey with nigh-perfect
tits, lovely tight bum and a cute shy smile:


Julia [for whom comment seems superfluous]:




Unknown male1:

Unknown male2:

Unknown male3:

Unknown male4:

"a harmless drudge, that busies himself in tracing the original, and detailing the

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