< Willige Stuten - Anal genommen

Released: 1992
Director: Harry S. Morgan
Notes: Videorama 87220 / Teeny Exzesse 20, stars Natascha Roberts (bgafd) as Susanna West
Alternate Titles
  • Teeny Exzesse 20: Willige Stuten - Anal genommen

The credits are to an extent self-contradictory and inaccurate. The opening-credits seem intended to list cast by the roles played:

  • Susanna West- junge Mädchen
  • Philippe Soine- Regisseur (director)
  • Gabriel Pontello- Anwalt (lawyer)
  • Jochen Baudendistel (Joey Murphy)- Pornomann
  • Veronique Boudon- Maske (make-up). No-one resembling this girl appears and the most parsimonious assumption is that she was credited correctly for make-up but also inadvertently included amongst the sex-role cast.
  • Pornoakteure: Marine Cartier, Orpelia Tozzy, Celine Lydic (presumably Tabatha Cash, who only appears in the sequel- where she is credited as Lydie Celine).

Following a (credited) trail for the sequel, 'Gierige Spalten', come the end-credits- which repeat all the names above without the qualifying text.


  • Natsacha is staying in a huge, empty apartment. In what might be a dream she wakes and wanders through the rooms until she encounters a tableau vivant. Passing into a music-room, she meets Murphy and has anal sex on a piano.
  • Returning to the tableau, Natascha watches while its members have sex. Maya (non-sex).
  • Interlude: Natascha meets up with Kriss at a café and tells her of the 'dream'.
  • Back at the apartment. Soine, who plans to direct a porn-film there, accosts Natascha and forces her to give him a blowjob. To take her mind off the unpleasant experience she recalls her earlier adventure with Joey.
  • A film-shoot in another room. Soine directs Melanie and Francine with an unknown male, and then joins in himself- anal for both girls. This is intercut with Natascha, in the kitchen, who again has anal sex with Murphy.
  • Natascha masturbates with a vibe while watching a video-feed of another shoot, this time with Marine (DP) and Ophelia. Again one of the males' faces is unseen; and Soine makes up the foursome. The feed is intercut with the live action. At the end Natascha is caught and chastised by the cleaning-lady, 1666.

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