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Released: 1986
Director: Jacques Péroni as Joanna Morgan
Notes: Socai Films

Credited males -

  • Jean-Pierre Armand as J. P. Armand
  • Thierry Jon
  • Claus Mason

Female names in the credits - France Levitt, Muriel Beze, Sylviane Hurt, Saphora, Bibie Mulatra.

A young blonde (XNK2551) walking among the trees is assaulted by Jean-Pierre Armand who fails to rape her because of the arrival of a handsome young man armed with a gun. JPA leaves the place with threatening words for the young man.

The young blonde enters a kitchen and meets a brunette (Saphora) who, from their behaviour together, should neither be her sister nor mother. Close shots of the blonde's eyes - nothing close to rapture!

Then JPA is seen lifting stones. (What for? Don't ask.). Then he enters a house the staircase of which is being cleaned by a young brunette (Marie-France) who soon attracts his attention and "come what must!": blowjob, doggie and anal. (Not much fun here either.)

The handsome rescuer has a blonde girlfriend (or wife, or just lover ... partner in the film anyway - Sophie) who masturbates alone in her very anonymous bedroom. Tight budget probably. And poor imagination by the way.

The "handsome rescuer" discovers his car has been messed with. He immediately accuses JPA and gets his five right knuckles just past his head as an answer. (Nothing really worth an Oscar© here!).

JPA meets the handsome rescuer's girlfriend and of course comes on her buttocks after a scene that might be the reason for some hard performers to say their job can sometimes be boring. (Which always seems to me to be some sort of a private joke. Well, not this time!)

A bit further down the way, he encounters a couple of girls (the previous "stairway cleaner" and a black girl - Bibi Mulatra). He soon joins the action.

When the handsome rescuer wakes up from his KO, he is told by the young blonde that she was the one who had messed up with his car in order to make him stay. They walk together in the woods and, again, come what must. At least a scene with a girl who enjous the situation.

The boy's former girlfriend arrives on the spot with another man. Shocked by her lover's attitude, she takes her revenge on her driver. Unfortunately, both scenes are mixed and the film ends on the former girfriend, which is just injustice. The little blonde deserved it.


Thanks to Skin Flick for the identifications.


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