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Released: 1971
Notes: Denmark, Scandica Film / Atlantic, 75 mins.
Alternate Titles
  • The Blue Balloon 1973 DVD available USA, 59 mins, fake American credits in Something Weird Video version, After Hours Cinema DVD (widescreen but a few minutes shorter)
  • Lisbeth Olsen as Lisabeth Olsen (in American release)
  • XNK7225 the lesbian who pimps out the Lisbeth Olsen character

imdb gives the original length as 75 minutes. The American version is shorter and two versions of this are available. The Something Weird version is more complete at about 59 minutes, including the fake American credits and the opening scene in the jazz club. The After Hours Cinema restored widescreen version begins a few minutes into the film and is about 54 minutes long, but it is also a different edit and contains the final scene and happy ending. It is possible that the American release removed some non-sex scenes which probably made it worse as a film.

The American credits give the director as Cecil Hathaway. Lisbeth Olsen is credited as Lisabeth Olsen, but otherwise the credits, including the director, seem fictional. Danish sources do not give a director's name.

From a combination of the two American versions:

Lisbeth Olsen meets a young man at a jazz club. They date and he proposes marriage while they 'cavort' in a field watched by a mysterious woman in a wig (as it turns out). He has to go off to the army and the mysterious woman follows them and watches them as they say good bye. She picks up Lisbeth Olsen, drugs her, has lesbian sex with her and then pimps her out to various males of her acquaintance. Eventually Lisbeth becomes a streetwalker (in a wig herself) and finally is picked up by her boyfriend in an alley. She recognises him, but he doesn't recognise her. She resists him out of shame and he forces himself on her, but she finally removes her wig and he realises who she is. They embrace - happy ending.

An unusually gritty, realistic and depressing porn film.


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