< Vietnam Part 3

Released: 1988
Director: Mario Salieri
Notes: Black & Blue Entertainment Group, also features Julie Bailey (bgafd)
Alternate Titles
  • After Desert Storm Germany, SAP, an edited version of parts 3 and 4 (82 min.)
  • L'Animal Italien 2 DVD available Colmax, on same disc as pt. 1, some edited scenes from part 3 - see notes for Vietnam 4
  • Vietnam III original VHS screen title
  • Vietnam Store 3 ?

The following notes detail a Greek-subtitled tape which seems to be a copy of the original VHS, runtime 65'07". The screen-credits seem to be 'one size fits all' for parts 3 and 4 - whether there were also 'original' parts 1 and 2 and if so, whether they had the same credits, is unknown:

  • 'Robert' Malone
  • Alain Puttansan (A L'Yle)
  • Rocco Tano (R Siffredi)
  • Piero Pieri
  • Tony Starace
  • Startreck
  • Luigi de Giostri
  • Solange Kho-Lin
  • Maria de Renzy
  • Donatella Acri
  • Silvy Dobrian
  • Maria C. Oleszak
  • Joy Karin's
  • Barbara Owen

The 'spare' female aliases match in number the unassigned cast, i.e. de Renzy/Acri/Dobrian/Owen, for Julie Bailey, Florance and XNKs 5126/5128. The credits for Vietnam Store parts 1 and 2 (q.v .) are substantially different.

The film is preceded by a 13-min. 'advertisement feature':

  • Giancarlo Bini, with Alain L'Yle and Solange, talks about parts 1 and 2.
  • Extended trail (in effect, a spoiler) for part 4.
  • Back to the chit-chat. Bini shows off some firearms (who's he trying to impress?) then L'Yle takes Solange's top off and she gives him a BJ (he cums in her mouth).


  1. The film proper begins, with a stills-reprise of parts 1 and 2 followed by the credits.
  2. In a lounge, Joy gives Malone a BJ, followed by him having a wartime flashback. Joy then pulls a gun on him; he bravely flees. This scene, up to the point at which Malone cowers as Joy aims the gun, is the finale in Vietnam Store part 2.
  3. In a bar. Another Malone flashback, this time to him, L'Yle and another male with 5126; bbbg, they piss in her mouth and on her tits.
  4. Flashback the third. Malone rapes nun Julie Bailey (b/g).
  5. Brief flashback with Malone forcing Marie-Christine to strip (the full scene appears in Vietnam Store part 1). Jump-cut to the present, with her blowing Rocco. Another jump takes us to her with Malone (b/g, abortive anal - she's too tight and as usual he can't get a proper erection). Facial.
  6. Malone goes to Florance's place. After some chat they go to her bedroom- b/g, cumshot not seen - possibly internal.

12 min. of trails follow, for Vacanze a Rimini and Inside Napoli.

See also here.


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