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Released: 1991-3
Director: Mario Salieri
Notes: Salieri, in three parts (also by Black & Blue/SCT?); the Colmax DVD comprises 2 parts, extensively cut
Alternate Titles
  • Geile Zeiten Sperma Epochen DVD available Goldlight DVD
  • Orgies romaines DVD available Colmax
  • Return to the Future, parts 1 & 2 SAP
  • Roman Orgies - Italian Perversions parts 1 and 2

Orgies Romaines 1 (98 min.) comprises:

  • Viaggio nel tempo: prima parte in its entirety
  • the first five scenes of Viaggio nel tempo: seconda parte

Orgies Romaines 2 (54 min.) comprises:

  • scenes 6 and 7 of Viaggio nel tempo: seconda parte
  • scenes 6 and 7 of Viaggio nel tempo: terza parte
  • an extra Sandrine clip from another title (anal with Alain L'yle, BJ for unknown male) - ends abruptly, mid-cumshot

In other words, the Colmax version is missing the last scene of seconda parte and and scenes 1-5 of terza parte. The complete original runs as follows; each part has the same 'one size fits all' opening-credits:

Prima parte. Scc. 1-5 have a 'Roman' theme; scc. 6-8 take place in a mediaeval castle, complete with dungeon/torture-chamber:

  1. Yoko (b/g), Mario De Sica
  2. Sandrine (b/g), Walter Carrera
  3. Christine (in a wig; anal), Roberto Malone
  4. Sandrine, Yoko, Carrera. Brief les, then bbg
  5. Christine (wig; b/g), Cleo (b/g), De Sica
  6. Christine (BJ), Joy (b/g), Laura (anal), Giuliano Rosati
  7. Gabriella (b/g), Joy (anal), Massimo Lotti
  8. Aude (anal), Rocco Siffredi.

Seconda parte. Scc. 1-4 continue the 'mediaeval' theme; scc. 5-7 have a 'Napoleonic' motif:

  1. Laura (b/g), Roberto Malone
  2. Aude (b/g), Rocco Siffredi
  3. Christine (hair cropped; b/g), Massimo Lotti
  4. Laura (anal), Siffredi
  5. Christine (BJ, cropped hair), Gabriella (nude-only/cum on pussy), Joy (anal), Malone
  6. Magdalena (b/g), Pomodoro (anal), Malone
  7. Magdalena (b/g), Pomodoro (anal), Malone
  8. 'Nazi SS'. Blondie, Sharon, Christoph Clark, Yves Baillat.

Terza parte (68 min.). Scenes 1-5 are all 'Nazi SS'-themed:

  1. Katina (anal), Roberto Malone
  2. Sharon (b/g), Christoph Clark. It would seem that her only full b/g scenes are from this title
  3. Blondie (bbg), Vincent Guerra, Yves Baillat
  4. Sharon (b/g), Clark
  5. Katina (anal), Malone
  6. 'Red Indian'. Melodie Kiss (b/g), Malone
  7. 'Confederate soldier'. Christine (with cropped hair; BJ/les), Joy (anal), Sandrine (anal), Malone.

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