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Released: 2001
Director: Harry S. Morgan
Notes: Videorama, Fetish DVD 80080

Males -

  • Conny Dachs
  • Philippe Arnaud
  • Philipe Staquet

Scene 1: A woman with black hair (XNK3731) wearing a red jacket, jeans and a grey shirt. Then naked and her hands tied to the bed with a yellow scarf. With Conny Dachs. Sex acts: sex (both tied and then untied), BJ, sex, anal (two positions), he cums on her pussy.

Scene 2: A woman with black curly hair (XNK3732) wearing a white shirt, brown stockings and a long white dress. Scene occurs in a living room and on a hospital bed. With one guy. Sex acts: BJ (in living room), sex (hospital bed), she jerks him until he cums on her pussy.

Scene 3: Lydia [3] wearing a black suit, with black stockings. Then undresses in a red phone booth, but keeps her stockings and her high heels. Sex occurs on a black couch. With Conny Dachs. Sex acts: BJ, sex, anal (two positions), he cums on her pussy.

Scene 4: XNK3731 wearing a red jacket, a black shirt, black pants, white panties and grey boots. Scene occurs in a pub. With one guy. Sex acts: handjob, sex, BJ, facial (most on the tongue), BJ clean-off.

Scene 5: XNK3731 and XNK3732 wearing fetish bras and panties. Each pisses on the head of a shaven-head guy.

Scene 6: XNK3732 with a black latex outfit and black latex boots shaves her pussy and urinates in a vase.

Scene 7: XNK3733 wearing a grey dress, black stockings and black lingerie. Scene occurs on a couch. With Conny Dachs. Sex acts: she plays with her feet around his dick, sex (short), he cums in her hand, handjob.

Scene 8: XNK3732 wearing a blue latex outfit and a white bathing cap, Lydia naked, her face masked by a white transparent scarf. Scene occurs on a table. Sex acts: lesbian.

Scene 9: XNK3732 (?) masked by white bandage and tied between two urinals is pissed in the mouth.

Scene 10: Continuation of scene 8, Lydia without scarf and Conny Dachs. Sex acts: sex, he cums on her pussy.

Scene 11: XNK3733 with fetish outfit and black stockings. Scene occurs in a cage. With Conny Dachs. Sex acts: BJ, sex, anal (two positions), he cums on her pussy.

Extras: photos, trailers, audio subtitles (Spanish, Portuguese), behind the scenes.

Ratings: Sex 3.5, Make-up 3, Clothes 4, Picture quality 5.

Comments: Not great. The behind the scene part includes two mouth cumshots not included in the movies (with XNK3734 with cat drawings on the face and the breast, and XNK3731).


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