< Triple pénétration

Released: 1982
Director: Claude Pierson
Notes: France, 68 mins
Alternate Titles
  • Le Seigneur des anus title of the Parodix video release of 1985, no credits

Males -

  • Domique Irissou
  • Gérard Grégory

A young man (Irissou), looking a bit weird, enters a sex cinema - he watches a scene where a dreadful-looking elder prostitute sodomises a man with a strap-on. He returns to his small flat and we see him trying to masturbate with all kinds of things: rubber shorts, a sexpuppet without head, women's underwear. He dreams of a beach where a beautiful blonde girl gives him a BJ (filmed in a surreal style). When awake, in a frenzy, he stabs his sex puppet and gets an orgasm. Now he walks into the streets and cuts a piece of hair off a passing woman. He goes back, masturbates with it and fantasises about three women with special make-up (including Myka Barthel and Cathy Stewart) who give him a BJ on a beach (cynical laughs on the background). He masturbates while shoving a dildo in his ass.

In the second part he enters a group therapy session with a woman therapist. Everyone has to talk about his sexual problems. Irissou tells about when he was first excited at the sight of his father fucking the black maid, who meanwhile is caressing a small cat. He goes to fuck the maid doggy style afterwards. Then we see him being seduced by Myka Barthel. He sodomises her and she gives him a BJ. Next he tells about the three women of his fantasies. He tries to make love to them but his gay uncle wants him to sodomise a guy. Instead the girls give him a BJ (filmed from under the sheets). Next everyone from the therapy group has to choose a partner. He chooses a woman who wants him to strangle her whilst having sex (resembles Nadine Roussial). We recognise Gérard Grégory in the group.

Next he's out on the streets again. He tries to steal a woman's shoe, but her boyfriend fights with him - he escapes. While he masturbates with the shoe in his apartment, we see her (Barbara Boutet I think) soothing her friend by giving him a BJ and fucking him. After the masturbating, he feels cured. END.

A nice attempt at making a 'serious' porn movie, but the end is a bit disappointing.


Information from Skin Flick -

This film is an editing job:

  • The Barbara Boutet scene comes form Viens j'ai pas de culotte
  • The SM couple is from Les Goulues
  • Irissou, Mika, Delage, transvestite comes from Rêves intimes
  • Other scenes come from Ursula
  • An orgy scene comes from Intimités secrètes

The scene with Michel de Nyokinos and a black girl may be new.


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