< Il Tesoro maledetto

Released: 1995
Director: given as Sandrine Vincenot
Notes: Mario Salieri production, 76 min.
Alternate Titles
  • Les Maudites

Colmax version's male credits:

  • Richard Voicin (R Lengin)
  • Joe Calzone (J-Y le Castel, non-sex)
  • Antoine Lemoine
  • Serge Melié; one of the latter pair is David Perry.

All the sex involves condom use.


Len801 adds:

Silly, lame movie about a treasure-hunt by a group of people in an old castle (Chateau Laroche). The movie also features another blonde, briefly seen at the beginning of the movie serving some drinks, but only seen from behind.

  1. Set on a small stairway, and on a small bed at the bottom of the stairway. Maeva (anal, facial), Ivana Torrisi, Lengin
  2. Set in a kitchen. Perry, Liza (anal, she jerks him off near her face, she keeps the dick at some distance from her mouth and practically everything lands on her neck and chest)
  3. Set in a garden alongside the wall of the chateau. Perry, Beatrice (anal, she jerks him off over her ass)
  4. Set in another part of the mansion, alongside a big wall. Beatrice, Maeva (les)
  5. Set in a living room. Two couples, paired-off on separate couches: Perry/Maeva (anal, he jerks off all over her ass); and Beatrice/Lengin (she tries to jerk him off over her face, but there is hardly any liquid left in the well and the few drops do not land anywhere near her face)

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