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Released: 2001
Director: Jack Crawler
Alternate Titles
  • Humiliée DVD available France, Video Marc Dorcel, 83 mins
  • Der Tyrann DVD available Goldlight, 89 mins

Males -

  • Roberto Malone
  • Philippe Dean
  • Reinhard B.

Note: the Video Marc Dorcel French version runs 83 mins and the scene in which Laura Angel, dressed as a nun, has sex with two males in a cinema has been heavily-edited. All you see in this version is Laura buying a ticket and entering the theatre; the subsequent action, in which Kevin Long and Marc Barrow accost her and have sex with her, is missing. What survives in the VMD version is the scene in which Madalina Ray, sitting in the same cinema a few seats away, has sex with a male. The Goldlight German-language version runs 89 minutes and contains the complete scene with Laura. This apparent censorship is rather strange, as Philippe Dean plays the role of a priest who is seen having anal sex with Elodie Cherie. The Laura/Madalina segment is interrupted by, and concludes after, Elodie's scene.


Additional comments by Len801:

The movie was obviously shot in Paris; the credits are in English.

  1. Set in a bedroom. Lesbian encounter between Rebecca (Madalina) and Lee Ann.
  2. Rebecca is in a limo while her husband Don Marcino (Malone) is having a discussion with priest Pere Michel (Dean). Don Marcino contacts Madalina on her cell and instructs her to head to a cinema where she is supposed to receive an important letter from a man. Just before she gets there, a nun (Laura) buys a movie-ticket and takes a seat inside while two men plot to have some fun with her (this is the part that is cut). Rebecca now enters the cinema. Back in his office, Don Marcino exchanges pleasantries with Pere Michel and asks his pretty blonde secretary Susanne (Dru) to serve them a couple of drinks. Don Marcino invites the priest to a hunt and presents him with a hunting-rifle. We now see Madalina already engaged in blowing a male, Pierre (Reinhard) in the cinema; no explanation is given as to how the two got to this point.
  3. Intercut with Madalina's blowjob (which ends with her jerking him off over her open mouth). Outdoors, Pere Michel is trying out the rifle; the voluptuous Madame Sophie (Elodie) invites him inside and sets out to seduce him (anal, he jerks off over her big tits].
  4. Back in Don Marcino's office, he has sex with secretary Dru (he jerks off over her tongue).
  5. Set in a large living-room. To seal a dirty deal Don Marcino sets up a little orgy with a couple of girls (Dolly, Dru) and his two new recruits (Marc Barrow, Reinhardt). Dolly fucks Dru with a blue strap-on while Dru blows Reinhardt. Madalina enters the room, angry with Don Marcino for sending her on that stupid errand to the cinema; Don Marcino orders her to fuck Barrow. Dolly joins Madalina and Marc, fucking Madalina in the ass with her strap-on while Marc is in her pussy. Dolly also gets some vaginal action from Marc. Dru jerks Renhardt off over her open mouth, and Marc jerks off over Dolly's ass. Malone takes no part in the hardcore action. The finale shows Madalina being charged with Don Marcino's murder.

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