< Triangolo erotico

Released: 1982
Director: Antonio D'Agostino as Richard Bennett
Alternate Titles
  • Dai di piu' ?

On screen credits -

  • Mark Shannon, as Mark Shanon, plays the husband
  • Riccardo Zamagni
  • Giuseppe Curia
  • Guia Lauri Filzi
  • Sabrina Mastrolorenzi (seems to be incorrectly credited, probably meant to be Cathy Ménard)
  • Giuseppe Alotta
  • Samuel Sandy, i.e. Sandy Samuel

Cathy Ménard and Elisabeth Buré clearly feature and Sabrina Mastrolorenzi does not. IMDB also lists Nadine Duenner (Nadine Roussial) who plays the wife and Christina Maffei (doubtful as the only overlap with Lingeries intimes is Elisabeth Buré as far as I could see.

Mark Shannon reminisces as he drives along about the love triangle he is involved in. His mistress is Cathy Ménard, but she will have sex with anything human including his wife, the maid, another man and groups in what seems to be a dress shop (just a room with a clothes rack and Elisabeth Buré in attendance). Three other women (Guia Lauri Filzi, Pauline Teutscher and one only fleetingly seen) and three other men are involved in the final orgy in which Cathy persuades Mark to participate. Not being able to speak Italian there are probably refinements to this plot which I missed.


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