< Ta' Mej Doktorn

Released: 1980
Director: Andrei Feher as Andrew Whyte
Notes: soft version
Alternate Titles
  • Dokter Raspoutin Netherlands, a hard version
  • Ecstasy, Inc.
  • Heat and Lust: Diary of a Sex Therapist
  • Professeur Raspoutine 1983, Dir. falsely given as G. Grégory Cinévog, French hard version
  • Raspoutine
  • Swedish Sex Clinic
  • Christine Béton as Brigitte Latour, plays Margaret (3rd hitchhiker, from Liverpool)
  • Christine Lodes as Christine Andersson, plays Dr. Christina, Raspoutine's wife
  • Flore Soller as Marianne Charvey (and in a brunette wig) plays Laura
  • Magali Pel as Dolores Romero, plays Dolores (1st hitchhiker from Seville)
  • Marilyn Jess plays Zizi (Larsen), the 5th (Danish) hitchhiker
  • Morgane as?, plays the wife of an orchestra leader
  • XNK6306 as Marina Delestrade, plays Baroness Marina de Fursac, simulated sex only
  • XNK6307 non-sex, as Chaterine Wolf, plays Karin (2nd hitchhiker from Holland)
  • XNK6308 non-sex, as Eva Bestucci, plays Lucia (4th hitchhiker from Naples)
  • XNK6309 non-sex, plays a patient, impossible to assign a name from the credits
  • XNK6310 non-sex, plays a patient, impossible to assign a name from the credits, soft version only
  • XNK6311 non-sex, plays a patient, impossible to assign a name from the credits, soft version only

The English-dubbed soft release has comprehensive but, except for Marilyn Jess, party or entirely fictional cast names (as is usually the case with Andrew Whyte films). These have been mentioned for elimination purposes because they are linked to character names or descriptions. However, some of the character names are either also fictional or were in the script but not in the soundtrack.

It is not clear which character and cast name in the credits are intended to belong to Morgane. Crazy Gilda (Marie Laffont) or Lady in rose (Sonja Clerc) are possibles.

Males include -

  • Gabriel Pontello, as Gabriel Rivera, plays Professor Raspoutine, the sex therapist and serial killer of hitchhikers
  • Hubert Géral, as Jean Bourdain (Hubert Gerald in hard version), plays Baron Olivier de Fursac
  • Hervé Amalou (aka André Miller), as Hervé Delamare, plays a Radio/TV reporter called Jean-Pierre Armand (in joke), the motorcyclist who gives a lift to Marilyn Jess
  • François Daniel (hardcore credits) or Chris Regan (softcore credits), plays Xavier de Bergerac
  • Frank Anthony plays Play-boy (perhaps Richard Gester, as credited in the hard version, playing the first lover of the baroness)
  • Jean-Luc Artur plays the old Prof (appears in soft version only)

Film information updated with help from Dictionnaire des films français pornographiques et érotiques 16 et 35 mm.


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