< Sbattimi dietro fino a farmi male DVD available

Released: c. 2006
Director: Michael Bernini
Notes: Top Line (Italy) Anale Xtremo series, DD 1322
Alternate Titles
  • Ab in den Mokkatunnel (Extrem Anal 7) 2007 DVD available Tabu

Notes by Len801.

The version I saw was German-dubbed, consequently I was unable to follow the storyline. "German-dubbed" is a bit of a stretch- of what there is of dialogue, the performers are very obviously speaking English (the soundtrack is actually direct sound), with a female and male providing a running German commentary and translation (in voiceover) of any English words spoken.

  1. Strip/night club. Cindy (Michelle) is a stripper doing her pole-routine in front of a waiter (Luca Rinaldi). She beckons to him and they are soon having sex (she jerks him off in her mouth, but he is only semi-erect at this point, and you really do not see any sperm. It looks quite evident he did not ejaculate).
  2. Games-room. A young blonde, Lucy (Victoria Swinger), is playing pool with Robert (Bob) Terminator. Soon things turn sexual, and they fuck on the pool-table (anal, anal-to-mouth, he jerks off in her open mouth).
  3. Couch. Diana undresses and masturbates. She is joined by Nick Lang (anal, anal-to-mouth, he jerks off on her open mouth).
  4. Nina (Sarah) is doing some erotic dance moves in front of a couch. She is soon joined by Tomas Stone (anal, anal-to-mouth, he jerks off over her tongue and open mouth).

General comments. The scenes are well-lit and -photographed. All involve 1F/1M couplings, and with the exception of one scene they involve anal. The weakest scene of all was the first: there is too much oral sex involved and Michelle plays too much to the camera; she is not that attractive, and Luca Rinaldi was also a real letdown. Bernini would have been wise to trash this scene and replace it with something more on a par with the others. It was not really a plot-driven movie, the only recurring theme being that these girls are dancers/strippers- they are seen doing brief dance moves at the beginning of each scene. It does not look as if Bernini had really plotted out this movie in a dramatic sense- it was more like an all-sex/gonzo undertaking. He probably had this cast at his disposal and time available at the location chosen for the contemporaneously-shot 'Compagnie d banco' (which has many features of cast, costume and setting in common with this), and just decided to have actress A fuck actor B, and so on. That is the impression one gets when one compares both movies. Tabu took the cheap and expedient route and rather than dub the whole thing, simply left the original soundtrack intact and just used voice-overs as running commentary/translation for the few English words that are heard from the performers.


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