< Sevdalim

Released: 1980
Director: Salih Dikisçi
Notes: Turkey, Güler Film
Alternate Titles
  • Arka Sokaklar softcore version

Males include -

  • Hakan Özer plays Metin
  • Yasar Yagmur plays Apollo Yasar, Metin's friend (non-sex)
  • Süheyl Egriboz plays Nizam, the drunkard (non-sex)
  • Turgut Özatay plays the police commissioner (non-sex)
  • Renan Fosforoglu plays the watch salesman (non-sex)

Metin is a former businessman, who fell into drugs and sex, that have led him to commit a murder, of which he recalls very little. After getting out of prison on general amnesty, his friend Yasar (nicknamed "Apollo") who is a drugs smuggler offers him a job, which he kindly refuses. He returns to the nightlife of Istanbul. He has sex with a prostitute and falls into some kind of amnesia, only to discover later that he has murdered her, as well. In complete shock, he runs away, hiding in some sleazy places while trying to remember what has occurred. He is convinced of his innocence, but can't remember a thing, blaming the booze for systematically getting into a state of amnesia. He has sex with his former wife's nymphomaniac sister and then meets Gönül, friend of the murdered prostitute and herself a heroin-addict hooker, who decides to help him find out the truth. After many encounters with lots of people, he discovers that the real murderer was Yasar. When the police try to arrest Yasar, Yasar resists and gets shot by the police commissioner. Before dying, he confesses that he killed the prostitute for an earlier "business" and it was an unfortunate coincidence that her client at that time was Metin. Not persecuted any longer, Metin proposes to Gönül to marry him. She is very reluctant (despite having true feelings for him), but she accepts in the end, being convinced that there is a therapy for drug problems as well as a future for ex-hookers...

B. S. and skatschko


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