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Released: c. 2000
Director: 'Franz'
Notes: Charles Medien, 110 min.
Alternate Titles
  • Pension Almrausch Teil 2: Die Sexgöttin auf der Alm
  • Betty [14] plays farmgirl Resi
  • Dru Berrymore plays farmgirl Heidemarie
  • Jasmin W. probably as Yvonne, plays Vroni the landlady/farmer's wife
  • Natascha as Sandy Sommer; plays Tanja, a guest
  • XNK7018 probably as Stella Sommer, plays Elizabeth Hertl, a guest

There are six female names for the five girls who appear: Dru Berrymore, Stella Sommer, Ira Hoffmann, Betty, Sandy Sommer and Yvonne. This cover establishes Natascha's alias here as Sandy Sommer; and Ira Hoffman only appears in Teil 1. On balance it seems likely that the remaining binomen, Stella Sommer, refers to Jasmin W. - who is a constant throughout the trilogy - rather than the more transient 7018.

Males (the last two are credited as Peter Philipp and Schlecki):

  • Alex Gold, plays Natascha's husband Klaus
  • Alex Kater, plays the XNK's husband Klaus-Rüdiger
  • unknown Austrian, plays farmer Sepp
  • unknown male, plays farmhand Schorsch ('George').

Scenes (with thanks to deezer):

  1. Dru, 'Sepp'. Intercut with:
  2. Natascha, Alex Gold
  3. Jasmin, 'Schorsch'. Intercut with:
  4. Natascha, Dru, Alex Gold, 'Sepp'
  5. Natascha, Kater (brief licking of Natascha). Intercut with:
  6. 7018 (brief solo)
  7. Natascha, 7018 (les; concludes after sc. 8)
  8. Betty (anal), Jasmin, Alex Gold
  9. .

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