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Released: 1991
Director: Harry S. Morgan
Notes: Videorama, Carol Lynn CL 1118 / CLC 1118
Alternate Titles
  • Sperma-Lust - Sperm Passion

Males include -

  • Dietmar Münster
  • Gabriel Pontello as Gabriel Ponto

Sequel to Devote Leidenschaft.

Carol has found refuge in Max's huge villa. In return for his hospitality she must satisfy his sexual wishes.

A young servant arrives and hands over the phone to her. Max gives her detailed sexual instructions. "Have sex with this guy" he orders her! Obeying her master she goes down on her knees for a blowjob. The guy then screws her in a variety of positions on a small stool. She strokes his cock as he squirts on her tongue with some cum dripping down to her shapely breasts. The sex is pretty good featuring great head and excellent cowgirl action as well.

After having a rest she goes out for a swim. Beside the pool a girl (XNK1807) serves a guy orally. Without hesitation Carol gets out of the water to show him her oral skills. The guy then screws the girl on the diving board before Carol strokes him off in her hand.

A tall sexy blonde with curly hair (Barbara Reimann) waits for Carol in the garden. She reminds me a bit of American actress Sunny McKay. Carol quickly strips off her swimsuit and gets into a red leather corset. Nearby three guys serve a girl (Corinne Hefner) on a bed which is covered by a blue blanket. The cute little thing looks quite worn-out and it's time for Carol to take over. She lies down as lovely Barbara gives the guys a relaxing hand massage. They don't last long before shooting their loads all over Carol's body and leaving the scene.

Barbara cleans Carol with some water and dries her with a towel. Barbara still hungers for love and Carol immediately satisfies her wish. Tenderly she starts sucking her nipples and rubbing her clit.

In the kitchen Barbara starts talking to Carol about her emotional and sexual dependence on Max. Retrospectively she details her sexual experiences:

The scene cuts back to the kitchen where the servant besets Barbara. No wonder, the black latex top fits her perfectly. She's a brave girl and gives him head. Then he takes her from behind giving us some great close-up shots of her perfect ass. She turns and lays her left leg on his shoulder. They continue screwing in the standing position. Then she lies her back on the kitchen table and straddles her legs extremely wide as the guy penetrates her. This hot scene ends with a cumshot on her bush.

Next she observes a girl with a black top hat (Marine Cartier) kneeling down on a pouffe (no, not that sort of pouffe - a large cushion with a stable base -Ed.) guarded by two guys. Her eyes closed she starts blowing them. One guy fucks her doggie (anal) while she still keeps the other cock in her mouth. His partner joins him and they double stuff her. Barbara supports her with some tongue kissing as the guys finish her off with some cumshots on her cheeks.

Barbara and Carol get interrupted by a male. Carol starts giving him head. They screw mostly in the doggy position before they move into missionary. Kneeling down on her, he sticks his cock into her mouth. She strokes him until he gets himself off on her tits.

Carol is tired of these silly games. Hand over head she leaves the villa. At home she makes peace with her boyfriend (Gabriel Pontello). Not wasting any time they start fucking on the lawn. After some enthusiastic action he shoots his load on her pussy. In return she gives him some post cum head.



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