< Soumissions perverses

Released: 1977
Director: Jacques Parry as Sam Corey
Alternate Titles
  • Nouvelles rencontres stolen from a different film along with the credits

The credits in my version (called Nouvelles rencontres) are at least partly false - Alain Plumey, Aline Corey, Pierre Carlier, Martine Grimaud, Chantal Matté, Alexandre Paulet. Martine Grimaud is definitely not in it. The title and credits are stolen from another film - or more than one other films.

  • Paul Bisciglia (a straight actor) plays the farmer
  • Gilbert Servien plays the older male visitor
  • Charlie Schreiner plays the younger male visitor
  • Cyril Val, as Alain Plumey, plays the farm labourer
  • Richard Lemieuvre appears in a pre-credits sequence in the original version along with Charlie Schreiner and (probably) Murielle Joubert

The farm labourer is in lust with the farmer's daughter, to her amusement. He stands in the hayloft masturbating in full view while she milks the goat. Later she sucks him off through her bedroom window.

A group of visitors arrive and run over a chicken. After mollifying the farmer with some cash they settle in and the sexual antics begin.


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