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Released: c. 1976
Notes: Love Video 2021, Herzog DVD, four loops stuck together so does not really have a director
Alternate Titles
  • Teenage Games Dir. given as Werner Molitor (Walter Molitor?) Italy

Original footage from c. 1976. Put together from four shorter films: Das vögelnde Klassenzimmer, Hurra, die Möse brennt (together comprising segment 1 below), Resi's Fick-Theater and Die Pinsel von der Liebesinsel.

Males include -

  • the lead from Mr O, plays the teacher Mr Hammer in segment 1
  • Gerd Arnau (non-sex) plays the headmaster in Das vögelnde Klassenzimmer
  • Edgar Wenzel (non-sex) plays the gay janitor in Das vögelnde Klassenzimmer
  • Jerry Brouer plays the hostel landlord in Hurra, die Möse brennt
  • Kurt Meinicke, in segment 2, plays the chief of the troupe in Resi's Fick-Theater
  • Walter Feuchtenberg (non-sex) plays an actor in Resi's Fick-Theater
  • Detlev Heyse, in segment 3, (body-doubled for hardcore) plays the priest in Die Pinsel von der Liebesinsel
  • Wolfgang Jansen (non-sex) plays the detective in Die Pinsel von der Liebesinsel
  • Richard Lemieuvre plays a man at the orgy in Die Pinsel von der Liebesinsel
  • Günther Kieslich (non-sex), street interviewer

The first segment is about a class of schoolgirls who tease their teacher, and seduce him after hours. Then they all go on a coach trip to some kind of youth hostel where they keep molesting him until the landlady (Henkowa) intervenes - she wants him for herself.

The second segment shows a small theatre performance in rural Bavaria. While the actors struggle with their lines, behind the scenes a lot of rumpy-pumpy is going on, and the audience notices. Eventually the prompter joins the action and the lines she feeds the actors become wholly inappropriate.

In the third segment a member of the vice squad (Wolfgang Jansen) is on the hunt for some bogus priest who is notorious for molesting women at the beach. The incompetent cop never catches him and the women seem quite keen to get intimate with the priest (or anyone) anyway.

Between segments there are some schoolgirl-report-style interviews on the street, with supposed members of the public.


Die Pinsel von der Liebesinsel may be considered as the most unrelated of featured loops. It is the fourth loop in the series known as Hochwürden ("The Reverend", a title possibly assigned later by Love Film) that was shot around 1973 (and earlier) and starred Detlev Heyse.

B. S.

DVD  23.99 EUR Orgazmik: Schulmädchen Porno Herzog Video
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