< Una Settimana d'amore

Released: 2003
Director: Nicholas Moore (Mario Bianchi) as Mimmo Berto
Notes: Italy, Lucy Lee credited but does not appear
Alternate Titles
  • Une Semaine d'amour Dir. given as Mimmo Barbo
  • Sex Week DVD available Mastersex

Males -

  • Ramon Nomar
  • Robert Rosenberg
  • Andrea Morante
  • Joachim Lawson
  • George Uhl

Sabina Black plays the secretary, Sandra Russo plays Sarah and Sarah Blue plays Helen. The two other blonde characters are not mentioned under any name.

Sarah (who is a writer but we learn this later) meets Michael on a boat (is that Budapest?). Losing no time she has him follow her to the lower deck for some action. As both characters enjoyed it, they decide to meet again later.

Michael (adept of bodybuilding -but who isn't nowadays in porn films?) tells of his luck to a friend who wishes he were as lucky.

Sex scene involving a man and his secretary. The man turns out to be Sarah's publisher. She's currently writing about sexual encounters she makes with strangers.

Michael is affianced to Helen and they are to be married two months later. Sex scene again but lacking emotion for such a soon-to-be-wed healthy young couple.

Sarah contacts Michael to see him. He is in love with her although he knows this could jeopardize his relationship with Helen.

Sex scene between Michael's friend and the secretary - Suck on little one, for luck seems to have found him at last (this is minute 38 of the film !) Everyone deserves a love story don't they ! When he tells Michael about it, Michael wishes him all the best.

Michael turns down his fiancée's invitation to spend the night together and meets Sarah who plays him a sexy trick with the help of a video screen which shows her stripping for him. In fact she's doing the trick upstairs, but when she joins him he gets angry and she leaves. He follows her outside and ends up telling her to go to hell. (just wonder what's going on in his head!)

Michael's friend is now with Helen who used to be his lover and tells him about her fear that Michael might be attracted to another woman. Lucky time for the lucky man, Helen soon surrenders to his advances and (in the name of good old times ?) it's blowjob-and-condom time in the (far too) luxuous (for a single young woman) swimming-pool. Are romantic times of yore back when he comes on her face?

Sarah busy on a black man while another blonde is taking care of another man.

Let's guess that's some sort of new experience on Sarah's side ... Meanwhile, Michael is wandering through the town and trying to call her who never answers.

The foursome has just ended when Michael turns up. He's very angry. Sarah tells him that their relationship is over and blah-blah but ends up tieing his hands and sucking him until he comes. (Women's mystery!)

Helen tells Michael she doesn't want to get married any more. Her publisher tells Sarah that he really likes her work but that she should not go too far in manipulating Michael for her book. He also thinks she's in love with Michael ...

Sarah phones Michael to see him. He's delighted but when he turns up, he finds her busy with the black man seen before and a blonde girl (the hottest so far). This time it's too much for him but when he goes to Helen's, he finds her with his friend.

Back to Sarah's he finds a note telling him that she's decided to vanish from his life because she's fallen in love with him (and most expecially with his personality!). The poor bodybuilt man is now alone with his memories and regrets.

Longing for the past (which wasn't that happy I seem to remember) Michael goes back to the boat where the whole story had begun. And there she is running into his arms. I guess they lived happily ever after...

Is it lack of romanticism on my part or unemotional acting on theirs... No I won't criticize!


To all intents and purposes, this seems to be a hardcore remake of the Joe d'Amato softcore classic of 1986, Undici giorni, undici notti (11 Days, 11 NIghts). And about time one was made.


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