< Schule der Perversitäten DVD available

Released: c. 1992
Director: Tom Syderburg
Notes: Carol Lynn Pictures, also features Kerry Matthews, 83 minutes
Alternate Titles
  • L'École des perversions
  • Schule der Perversitat
  • Sex School DVD available Mike Hunter DVD title

Credits (in listed order): Carol Lynn, Rocco Siffredi, Joe Selvera, Joceline, Vaniti, Kerry, Marie, Sabine, Stephen & Eric, Sandra

Cast (in order of first appearance) -

  • Carol Lynn
  • Melanie
  • Kerry Matthews as Kerry
  • Unknown Brunette/Blonde1 - XNK1024
  • Tabatha Cash as Vaniti
  • Unknown Blonde1 - XNK0837
  • Unknown Brunette1 - XNK2751
  • Unknown Brunette2 - XNK0842
  • Ophelia Tozzi
  • Unknown Blonde2 - XNK0840

Male cast (in order of first appearance) -

  • Joey Silvera as Joe Selvera
  • Joceline
  • Rocco Siffredi
  • Stephen
  • Eric
  • 2 Unknown males

Review (26/11/2003)

I think that the hardest part of reviewing this video (after all the vidcapping) was having to deal with a castlist of 10 Women and 7 Men when the credits only name 6 Women and 5 Men.

The storyline is an exposé by Carol of the school which is run by Joey Silvera. We never find out what is actually taught in the school but suffice to say drugging of the girls and then taking advantage of them plays a large part (the title translates as 'School of Perversity'). Based on the play order Scene 1 is where Carol discovers what is happening and Scene 2 onwards is where the exposé starts.

Scene 1: Carol Lynn, Joey Silvera. Joey pours some wine for himself and Carol. He drops a white pill into Carol's and then takes the glasses into the room where Carol is seated. On taking the glass and sniffing the contents Carol asks if he can get the bottle as her glass is only half full. While Joey is getting the wine bottle she pours some powder into her wine (presumably to counter the effect of the drug). Joey returns, tops up her glass and they proceed to drink their wine. After a while Carol pretends to be under the influence and Joey takes advantage. (bj, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, weak cumshot.)

Scene 2: Carol Lynn, Joceline, Melanie. A car comes to a stop outside the school. Joceline is driving and Carol is in the passenger seat. She opens the car door and changes her shoes for trainers (sneakers). Picking up a small camera she then heads over to the school, rings the bell and is electronically admitted. After asking directions from Melanie she goes upstairs and enters Joey's office. They have a discussion following which she leaves.

Scene 3: Carol Lynn, Kerry Matthews, Melanie, Rocco Siffredi. Kerry is pouring a soft drink into which she puts 2 white pills. Carol spies her from the doorway and takes a picture. Kerry takes the drink over to Melanie, who is at the top of the stairs, and encourages her to drink it all down. Once she's finished her drink Melanie starts to go down the stairs, staggers, continues down, staggers again. Kerry rushes down the stairs to check that she's OK. Rocco also comes up the stairs to assist. (bj x 2, b/g x 2 (alternating).) Carol takes a picture from the top of the stairs. (b/g x 2, anal (Melanie), cumshot.)

Scene 4: Carol Lynn, Joey Silvera, Unknown Brunette/Blonde1, Tabatha Cash. NOTE: Unknown girl is primarily brunette but the highest point of her hair (flat-top) is blonde.

Joey is sitting in a chair chatting to 2 girls who are seated on the floor. He leaves them to get 3 drinks of coke into 2 of which he puts a white pill.

Meanwhile the girls are discussing Joey, laughing, joking and playing with their breasts and nipples. Joey returns and at the doorway spies them doing this, shakes his head and returns to the kitchen area. He empties out the drugged coke's and refills the glasses returning to the girls.

Once seated the girls almost immediately move in on him Tabatha on the arm of his seat and unknown brunette/blonde at his lap. (bj x 2, cowgirl (Tabatha).) arol spies them through the doorway and takes a picture. (b/g (unknown brunette/blonde), anal (tabatha), cumshot.)

Scene 5: Carol Lynn, Unknown Blonde1, Unknown Brunette1, Unknown Brunette2, Kerry Matthews, Stephen, Eric, 2 unknown males, Joey Silvera, Rocco Siffredi. This scene starts and finishes with Carol thinking while at the bottom of the stairs. This is presumably a dream sequence as between the beginning and end we are effectively watching an orgy scene.

Unknown Blonde1 + unknown male (bj, b/g, reverse cowgirl); Kerry Matthews + unknown male (bj, b/g, reverse cowgirl, cumshot); Unknown Brunette1 + unknown male (bj, b/g, cumshot); Unknown Brunette2 + unknown male (bj).

In the midst of the above action the doors into the room swing open and Carol, Joey and Rocco walk in, study the action and then join in. Carol and Rocco (b/g, reverse cowgirl, cumshot); Joey and Kerry and unknown male (b/g (Joey) + bj (unknown male)). In the middle of the Carol and Rocco sequence Carol takes a picture of the other action in the room.

Scene 6: Carol Lynn, Ophelia Tozzi, Joey Silvera. Carol is still at the bottom of the stairs. Down the stairs comes Ophelia. They talk; Carol explains and shows her the antidote powder as well as her camera. Ophelia agrees to help. The girls go upstairs to the Ladies Room. Ophelia comments that Carol is attractive and then proceeds to massage her shoulders and back. Suddenly Ophelia gets up, she has to go and get something. Carol daydreams while waiting for her return - she's with Joey (cowgirl).

Ophelia returns and the two girls get down to some mutual action. (g/g, masturbation and finger inserts.) Afterwards Carol leaves first, goes downstairs, leaves the school, placing the camera in a large envelope she then passes it through an open car window.

Scene 7: Carol Lynn, Joceline, Joey Silvera, Kerry Matthews, Unknown Blonde2, Rocco Siffredi. Joey is at the school drinking coffee. Back at home Carol phones Joey while Joceline listens on an extension. She tells him what she's been doing and that she has pictures as evidence. She ends the call.

While Joey is absorbing the news Kerry walks in and asks him what the problem is. He explains, she consoles him and then leaves the room.

Joey is starring into the kitchen area where Unknown blonde2 is, Rocco walks up to him. Joey explains the situation to Rocco and they both watch Unknown blonde2. (bj x 2, b/g x 2, anal with Rocco, dp, cumshot x 2.)

Scene 8: Carol Lynn, Joceline. The two celebrate, starting with a kiss. (bj, b/g, cumshot)



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