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Released: 1992
Director: Dino
Notes: DBM DinoVision DV209, also on DBM Classics 18 DVD with Ero Extrem Magazin
Alternate Titles
  • DinoVision 9 - Secrets of Mozart
  • Christophe Clark as Christoff Clark
  • Jean-Pierre Armand as J.P. Armand
  • Roberto Malone as Roberto Moreno
  • Willi Montana
  • Yves Baillat as Yves Bailard

Cast on the box cover: Christoff Clark, Yves Bailard, Roberto Moreno, Katy Kay, J.P. Armand, Willi Montana, Dian Siefert, Georgia Kist, Olga Ramon, Nadja Ramenkov, Sonja Dvorak.

On-screen credits: Christof Clark, Kitty Kay, Diana Siefert, J.P. Armand, Yves Bailat, Roberto Moreno, Willi Montana, Georgia Kist, Olga Ramon, Nadja Ramenkov, Sonja Dvorak.

A young woman (Andrea Molnar, I suspect either Olga or Nadja is how she’s credited here) visits the home of Mozart in Salzburg, in modern times, and reads a secret letter she finds, the lurid contents of which are thoughtfully portrayed for us in a series of period-piece scenes furnished with full costume, powdered wigs and make-up, and accompanied by appropriate music.

First, Herr Mozart, played by Christoph Clark (as Christof(f) Clark) takes an unorthodox approach to music lessons. Angelica Bella (as Kitty or Katy Kay) is the pupil, looking gorgeous even in the heavy guise. As with all the scenes, dresses with multiple underskirts, lace top stockings and so forth feature heavily, as well as oral sex, leading to several positions mixing vaginal and anal sex before a cumshot delivered with ironic musical fanfare.

Next, “Mozart” joins the elegant Diana Siefert (or Dagmar Lost) with Angelica and Yves Baillat for a little music and a lot of sex in their salon. The acting is mainly overplayed and humorous as Diana insists Christoph sees to her, while Yves couples with Angelica. Dino takes the time to linger on each pairing – it all gets a little too frantic in later scenes – with plenty of oral, vaginal and especially lingering anal sex with Angelica. Diana strokes Christoph off; Yves comes on Angelica’s pussy.

Andrea’s reading reveals another sexy gathering, this time with Christoph and Diana in the company of a petite girl (XNK0861) and a busty girl, clearly a real redhead (who we hope this time really is Georgia Kist, AKA Georgina Lempin!), as well as a moustachioed gent who I guess is Willi Montana. She has simply colossal natural boobs. The action begins with oral sex and soon gets into a whirl of partner-swapping sex with a flickery, speeded-up look at times. Only the petite girl performs anal, though our busty lass’ hefty chest is the highlight of the scene, along with Diana’s sensationally shapely ass.

The finale is the most frantic of the lot, perhaps appropriately enough, but is it a real crescendo or just chaos? Roberto Malone (as Roberto Moreno) blindfolds the partygoers who end up split into two groups – one in the bedroom where we see Diana and then another girl (who I think is XNK0834) in action with Yves Baillat and JP Armand, before the main feature, a double penetration for Angelica.

In the music room, Christoph and Roberto have fun with the petite girl, XNK0861, and a different busty woman, XNK0860 (who also appears in Act Studio, who I mistook for Georgina). Andrea imagines herself in the scene, and by the magic of video, she’s there, sucking Mozart and having vaginal and anal sex with him. The busty girl fists herself and has sex with Christoph, while the petite girl screws away with Roberto. The action dots back and forth rather hurriedly between these two groups. Come shots are like this: JP and Yves shoot on Angelica’s tits, Christoph comes between the petite and busty girls, and Roberto comes on Andrea’s face.

Back in the real world, Andrea leaves the museum and walks past a strangely familiar musician on the steps…

Gabriel Nine

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