< Il Sequestro - Sindrome di Stoccolma

Released: 1997
Director: Silvio Bandinelli as Frank Simon
Notes: Showtime, Italy. 78 min.
Alternate Titles
  • Captured!
  • Otages du désir
  • Prises d'Otages

The beginning of the movie introduces the various characters: Marco, a drug addict (Reinhard); Stefano (Zenza Raggi), a drug dealer; the crooked rich bad guy, Andrea (Andrea Nobili)- who also happens to have a drug habit; and his wife Valentina (Valentine Demy).

  • Soon we are introduced to the "infiltrata" (in the Colmax French-dubbed version she is called the "infiltrée") named Angela (Regina Sipos). Angela is an employee of Andrea, who enjoys buying things and people for pleasure. At the moment the object of his desire is Angela. He covers her naked body with banknotes and he and his wife share her over a pool-table. Angela's mistreatment at the hands of this unsavoury pair provides the motivation for her to join up with ('infiltrate') the kidnappers in order to get her revenge.
  • In the next scene Stefano brings a cute druggie (Karli Sweet) to his brother's Marco (Reinhard) apartment. She says she wants to buy some drugs which she consumes in the bathroom and when she comes out she tells the two guys that she has no money to pay for it. The two brothers are really pissed and decide to screw her in exchange.
  • Angela and the gigolo have sex- this does not seem to have any relevance to the plot other than padding the movie with just one more sex-scene.
  • Now we get to the heart of the plot (which is not too clear at this point). Marco and Stefano and Angela don masks and set up a rendezvous in a factory. Andrea and Valentina arrive by limo at a desolate location and Andrea hands a man (supposedly a crooked politician) a suitcase full of money. But as the exchange is being made the masked men arrive and kidnap Valentina. Valentina is taken to an abandoned factory and is told she is being held for ransom; Stefano calls Andrea and demands 3 billion lire. In the meantime Stefano begins to molest Valentina and in exchange for some water, he fingers her pussy.
  • At a night club/bar Stefano meets up with another criminal type Billy (Frank Gun), who apparently deals in stolen goods. The two guys have sex with two lovely blondes sitting in the bar.
  • Back at the factory Stefano informs Valentina that her husband has agreed to pay the ransom, and that soon she will be set free. This time she willingly agrees to have sex with him. He blindfolds her and then removes his mask, but the blindfold falls off and she gets to see his face. She promises not to say anything and the encounter ends there.
  • Stefano talks things over with his two accomplices and they agree to kill Valentina. But Angela decides that before they kill her, she wants Valentina to know she is a member of the gang- she wants to enjoy seeing Valentina screw like the real bitch she sees her as.
  • Finally the ransom exchange is made. Stefano brings Valentina and receives a bagful of money from Andrea. Stefano takes off his mask and fires off his machine gun in the air and warns them to keep quiet if they want to go on living. Stefano makes his two partners in crime believe he killed Andrea and Valentina.


  1. Set in a bedroom. Valentine, Mike Foster ('the gigolo'). Anal, he jerks off on a banknote she holds in her mouth, which she then licks clean
  2. Set on a pool-table. Valentine (soft les only), Regina (facial), Andrea Nobili (with short blond hair)
  3. In a living room, on a black leather couch. Karli, Zenza Raggi, Reinhard (anal, DP, facials)
  4. Set in a living room, on a couch. Regina, Foster (anal, he jerks off on her tits)
  5. Very short scene on a small cot in a dingy warehouse. Valentine is briefly fingered by Raggi
  6. Foursome set in a bar, on bar-stools. Tunde (sporting nice short blonde hair) and Frank Gun (brief anal, facial]; Betty with Raggi (facial)
  7. Back in the warehouse- Regina and Reinhard; Valentine (facial) with Raggi


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