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Released: 1975
Director: Claude Mulot (as Frédéric Lansac) and Francis Leroi
Notes: DVD Blue One (1 hr 37 mins) with La Femme objet, hard core inserts used for vaginal penetration in some scenes
Alternate Titles
  • La Passera parlante
  • Pussy Talk in USA
  • El Sexo que Habla DVD available Spain, Savor

Males -

  • Jean-Loup Philippe as Nils Hortzs plays Eric
  • Vicky Messica plays Richard Sadler, the journalist
  • Claude Dupont (aka Jean Roche?) plays the schoolteacher
  • Pierre Tourneur plays the priest
  • Jacques Gateau plays one of the men in cinema
  • Pierre Humeau plays one of the men in cinema
  • Luis Andersen
  • Frank Lefeuvre
  • Roger Merle

The last three could be (as well as the second man in the cinema) among the following -

  • male colleague of Joelle
  • young Joelle's teenage tennis partner
  • two male artists' models
  • men at party
  • men round car
  • various extras

A blonde (XNK0400) passes Joelle in the street and apparently makes a complimentary remark - in fact it was her pussy talking. Joelle follows her into a record shop, touches her up and thus catches the affliction. This first manifests itself at a party when, sitting on a sofa next to a blonde (XNK0401) and with all the other guests watching, she suddenly draws up her dress and starts to masturbate. She daydreams in the bath of sitting in a car at night, masturbating while men stand round and jerk off over the windscreen. Later her talking vagina begins to rule her life, making her do outrageous things, like going into a porn cinema and fucking two male customers in the toilets. A friend who happens to be a psychiatrist is brought in to talk to her, but Joelle's pussy demands that Eric fuck her (anal, for which probably a body double) and that she goes down on Joelle The psychiatrist betrays professional confidences and gives a press conference on this interesting case and, persecuted by a sleazy journalist, Joelle and husband flee to her former home in the country. Then we see flashbacks of the outrageous behaviour of the young Joelle, related to Eric by her pussy. They begin when her stepfather came into her bedroom and touched her up, with no resisitance from the young Joelle. Her mother walks in on them and shoots the stepfather. Later, t he young Joelle seduces her teenage tennis partner, a school teacher (with her friend, Francoise Vandelle) and a priest.

The journalist manages to find her aunt, an artist he interrupts painting two nude young men (and having sex with them) and gets a lead on Joelle's location. He breaks in to Joelle's country house and she flees back to the aunt, who is now having a lesbian threesome with XNK0403 and Anne Millet. The aunt shops her to the journalist who records an interview with her vagina. Finally she is re-united with her husband and passes the affliction on to his penis.

Thanks to x_axis47 for sending us some of these IDs, partly culled from information from the magazines Sex Stars System, issue 5, July 1975, and Eroscore, issue 6, July 1975.

DVD  35.99 EUR Orgazmik: Le Sexe Qui Parle / La Femme Objet Blue One
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