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Released: 1979
Director: Joe d'Amato
Alternate Titles
  • Black Sex
  • Exotic Love France, subtitled Sexy Erotic Love

Credited males -

  • Mark Shannon as Mark Shanon
  • George Eastman (brief appearance, nion-sex)

Uncredited males -

  • nighclub dancer/stripper male (also appears in Monique)
  • friend of Mark Shannon
  • the doctor
  • two or three black males, probably Dominicans

Apart from Lucia Ramirez, Sandy Samuel and XNK0380, the other uncredited females - the fat lady, the housemaid in the hotel - are also probably Dominicans.

IMDB also lists Lola Burdan and Chantal Kubel as well as Annj Goren for Il Porno shop della settima strada. However, I can see no cast members who appear in both films. Arbitrarily we have listed Lola Burdan and Chantal Kubel for this film, but not for Il Porno shop, but it might be the other way round. Why did Joe d'Amato have such inadequate credits?

Mark Shannon, on a visit to the island, is haunted by the ghost (?) of a former girlfriend (Annj Goren) who seems to have inflicted him with a curse of having terrible abdominal pains whenever he makes love. She also seems to have arranged for females to ensure that he does make love - the housemaid at the hotel, Lucia Ramirez. Lucia also gets his current girlfriend (or wife) (XNK0380) to give a blow job to her husband. Annj also taunts Mark by appearing as a hallucination as he watches a nightclub act with George Eastman, taking the place of the female (Sandy Samuel as a brunette) in the pair of dancers; by sucking off a black male at the beach where she has arranged to met him; by getting him to visit a brothel (?) where she is taking part in a foursome with the fat madam and two black males. Finally she lets him make love to her at the beach and then he stabs himeself in the guts just before his girlfirend and his male friend arrive.


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