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Released: 1976
Director: John HIlbard
Notes: hardcore comedy
Alternate Titles
  • Bedside Sailors
  • Danish Sailors Australia, video title

Males -

  • Karl Stegger plays the captain
  • Bent Warburg plays Georg Hansen, donkeyman
  • Ole Søltoft plays Peter, shoe store salesman
  • Bjørn Puggaard-Müller plays shipowner
  • Søren Strømberg plays Willy, second mate
  • Paul Hagen plays donkey engineer
  • Arthur Jensen plays purser
  • Otto Brandenburg plays second engineer
  • Finn Tavbe plays chef
  • William Kisum plays first mate
  • Alvin Linnemann plays boatswain
  • Anker Ekelund plays motorman
  • Finn Bredahl plays deck hand
  • Allan Breckling plays steersman
  • Ruddy Nyegaard plays shoe store boss
  • Finn Lykke Nielsen

Excerpts from Mail Order Sex (Color Climax 1283) are watched by the crew.

Disa is fed up with her job at the shoe store, where the salesmen constantly feel up the female staff (like Ulla, who is taken from behind in one of the storage rooms). Only Peter is nice, and also secretly in love with Disa. When Disa's boss becomes a little too intrusive, she takes a swing at him, resulting in him getting hit by a full rack of shoes and her getting fired. She happily leaves.

Later that day she runs into Georg, a sailor on his last night ashore before boarding a new ship. They get friendly and go back to her place for sex. After-sex discussions include sexual discrimination: Disa claims that she should have the same rights as men, and wagers Georg that she could easily do his job. They go back to having more sex, but Georg suddenly gets a stomach pain ("Ileus!") and an ambulance is sent for. Georg gives Disa his papers and asks her to go to the shipowner's office and tell them that he won't be able to work. Instead of doing this, Disa decides to become Georg. She cuts her hair (saving a lock as a mustache), binds up her breasts, puts on Georg's clothes (he left on a stretcher, naked) and reports for work. Since none of the crew knows Georg, no one suspects anything out of the ordinary ("They get younger every day."). The captain welcomes her and stresses the most important rule: "No women aboard my ship - ever!". Aboard the ship, Disa manages to keep her secret, and becomes "one of the boys". She is shocked at the chauvinistic jargon, but endures. She partakes in a recreational evening where the men watch a Color Climax porn loop. A one-night leave in Hamburg worries her a little, since everyone aboard talks about a supposedly great brothel that's not to be missed. She goes along, experiencing a heavy orgy, but manages not to get involved.

Meanwhile, back in Copenhagen, Peter from the shoe store tries to find Disa, and bumps into Georg, who has recovered and (for some reason) now stays in Disa's flat. The two visit the shipowner's office and realise what's going on. When the ship returns to Copenhagen, they sneak aboard. Things get mixed-up (a staple in the storylines of these films), but all ends well. Peter gets Disa, Georg falls for Miss Nielsen from the shipowner's office, and the captain changes his no-woman policy.

Great detail has been put into the whole naval/marine environment. A sub-plot has Willy, the second mate, surprising his wife with another man during a leave. He smuggles her aboard and forces her to stay in his cabin. He then lets the whole crew have all the sex they want with her. This is by far the most hard-core film in the Sengekant/Bedside series, and, although it includes some body doubles (though it's hard to tell sometimes), it's one of the strangest adult films ever made: never have so many well-known mainstream actors (Brandenburg, Kisum, Hagen, Linneman - the latter actually seems to do his own fucking) been involved in hardcore sex scenes, cum-shots and all. An uncut version is hard to come by these days, at least in Scandinavia. A true - and very curious - product of the liberated 70's. Highly recommended.



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