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Released: 1977
Director: Claude Bernard-Aubert as Burd Tranbarée
Notes: VHS 1 hr 23 mins, Blue One DVD (1 hr 2 mins) with Les Plaisirs fous and Les Soirées d'un Couple Voyeur
Alternate Titles
  • L'Asta dell'amore Italy
  • Esclaves sexuelles sur catalogue video and later DVD title
  • Porno-Sklaven West Germany, Venus
  • Slave Girls Market

Males -

  • Bernard Hug plays Philippe
  • Richard Lemieuvre plays Jean-Pierre
  • Jacques Marbeuf plays Philippe's boss
  • Charlie Schreiner plays Charlie
  • Gilbert Servien plays a father bidding on behalf of his son
  • extras including Gabriel Coez (unsuccessful bidder in the auction of males)

Blonde Odile (Doris Wessoly), is a colleague of draughtsman Philippe and we see them briefly in his office.

Philippe and girlfriend Françoise go to the apartment of Jean-Pierre to find him being tended to by Brigitte Lahaie and Karine Gambier - various sexual activity follows, swapping etc. Jean-Pierre has hired these girls from a 'slave auction' of some sort. Finding that Philippe is getting a blowjob from Lahaie under the dinner table while Julie cavorts on a swing, gradually losing her clothes, Françoise starts to leave in a huff but is persuaded to stay and join in by Jean-Pierre. Charlie arrives after the five-some has been going for a while. He arrives at the door naked from the waist down, carrying some books and wearing a silly hat. He is immediately taken in (literally) by Lahaie and the five-some becomes a six-some.

Not satisfied with Julie (Karine Gambier), Jean-Pierre returns her to the shop and he and Philippe view an auction of three brunettes and a blonde (XNK0390, Evelyne Manta, Sophie Bulle and XNK0392) and then Erika Cool as "Irma".

Philippe buys Irma and takes her home. Françoise finds them at it and joins in. Jean-Pierre then arrives with his new 'slave girl', Muriel (Maude Carolle), and they have a five-some. Françoise now wants to be auctioned. They take her to the auction and before she is paraded, there is an orgy in the changing rooms including various of those already seen.

Philippe and Jean-Pierre take Françoise to the auction house and they are taken behind the scenes to the girls' changing room. A mostly lesbian orgy takes place, though the two men take part. (This scene is omitted from the DVD version.) Danièle Troeger (Françoise), Erika Cool (Irma), Elisabeth Buré, Sophie Bulle, Doris Wessoly (Odile) and, in the background, Karine Gambier and Evelyne Manta are involved.

The owner brings them to order as an auction is about to begin. Françoise appears in a line-up including also Elisabeth Buré (introduced as Sylvia), Karine Gambier (Julie), Marie-Noëlle Louvet (Alphonsine), a blonde (Corinne) and a brunette. The last two are seen only from a distance. We see only the bidding for Françoise who is is auctioned off - a missed opportunity here as we would have liked to have seen her experiences as a 'slave girl'.

Then Odile is auctioned off, to Philippe's surprise, but he successfully bids for her. His surprise is surprising as she was in the preceding orgy in the changing room.

He takes her home where she satisifes his desires in various places and on various occasions. She also satisfies his desires at work where she had previously resisted his advances. He also asks her to be nice to his boss (Jacques Marbeuf) and she complies willingly.

Then there is a male auction - Philippe and Jean-Pierre are bought as a pair by Emmanuelle Parèze who outbids Gabriel Coez. She has her way with them and then has a dinner party for herself and three other women at which the men serve as waiters naked from the waist down. The women are Liliane Lemieuvre, Amanda and Veronique Maugarski.

Information updated with help from skin flick and Dictionnaire des films français pornographiques et érotiques 16 et 35 mm.

DVD  35.99 EUR Orgazmik: Les Soirees d'un Couple Voyeur / Les Plaisirs Fous / Esclaves Sexuelles sur Catalogue Blue One
   35.99 EUR Orgazmik: Les Maitresses / Les Femmes Mariees / Les Esclaves Sexuelles Blue One
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