< Secrets d'adolescentes DVD available

Released: 1980
Director: Gérard Loubeau
Notes: both hard and soft versions exist, Blue One DVD with La Vitrine du plaisir and Vibrations sexuelles
Alternate Titles
  • Experiencas secretas Argentina, possibly also Spain, video title
  • Een Hete Jeugd Vakantie DVD available Netherlands
  • Luca and Fanny
  • Secret Experiences
  • Segrete esperienze di Luca e Fanny Italy
  • Ein Sommer auf dem lande DVD available soft version

The following relate to the hard-core version. My copy is entitled Secrets d'adolescentes.

Males -

  • Gil Lagardère, as Dominique Saint Claire, plays Luca
  • Guy Berardon
  • Fawzi Devaux
  • Enzo Garinei
  • Aldo Materazzi
  • Aldo Ralli
  • Piotr Stanislas plays Gina's boyfriend in the first scene with the body double of the black girl who plays a maid
  • One of the above may be the man who plays the young doctor in Sinnliche Sehnsucht, as he is Brigitte Lahaie's boyfriend in that scene.

The other black girl who is the maid's body double for a hard core scene and for hard core close-ups in other scenes, almost deserves a credit of her own. It was pretty obvious as her face is almost, but not quite, clearly seen. She has lighter skin and shorter hair. However, a clear face shot could not be obtained for listing in the unknowns.

Luca arrives to spend a summer with his parents at their beachside villa. Also present are his sister, Fanny, his Aunt Martha and two maids. He arrives just as the two maids are about to go off on a double date on their afternoon off. In this version this is a hard-core scene as Brigitte Lahaie has sex on the bonnet of a car while her fellow maid (or actually the body double) has sex with Piotr Stanislas on the grass nearby.

Luca goes to bed early so that he can steal some of his aunt's underwear which he then puts on. Fanny takes a copy of Super Sex magazine (a bit of Italian porn product placement) from under her mattress and masturbates herself to sleep. Luca is plagued by flashbacks of near sexual encounters with his aunt as a young boy.

In the morning the maids find his black stockings and decide to take him in hand - literally. They also do the same for Fanny. With this experience behind him, and some practice with his sister, Luca finally manages to consummate his feelings for his aunt.

This is a rare example of a genuinely erotic hard core film, perhaps because it seems to have been made with the soft-core version in mind.


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