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Released: 1979
Director: Alain Payet as John Love
Notes: Impex, 79 mins.
Alternate Titles
  • Anal teen-agers video title, FTP/Métal'X
  • Le Depravate dai sensi infuocati DVD available Italy, director correctly credited as John Love, but cast credits mostly false, 74 mins.
  • Fedora e Amanda: le depravate del piacere
  • (I Loro nomi erano) Fedora e Amanda: le depravate del piacere Italy, director correctly credited as John Love, but cast credits mostly false, 74 mins.
  • Monsieur Balboss (Le Depravate dal sensi infuocati)

The Italian titles were probably lifted from another John Love film along with the credits. Of the two Italian versions seen, one has more, but equally false, credits than the other.

Males -

  • Dominique Aveline, not in the room where a form of Scrabble is being played
  • Jacques Couderc, non-sex
  • Richard Lemieuvre
  • Jacques Marbeuf
  • Carmelo Petix
  • Guy Royer
  • unidentified male submissive

Each person makes a sex-related word on a scrabble board and then some of the participants enact it. Some of those who enact the words are not present at the Scrabble game.

Initially we see a room with a sofa and a couple of armchairs and a coffee table. Jacques Couderc has some sort of Scrabble game. This is not the original game - in this one particiapants throw dice and then get letters out of which they make a word. Of course they all make a sex-related word. Karine Gambier is seated in the far armchair with Guy Royer and Richard Lemieuvre behind her. Jacques Marbeuf, Brigitte Verbecq, Marilyn Jess, Carmelo Petix and a familiar woman (who takes little part in the action) occupy a long sofa. Céline Gallone and Lucie Doll have their backs to the camera.

The first word chosen is 'Seins' - cue a scene involving Monique Carrère,Karine Gambier and Barbara Moose, joined by Dominique Aveline.

Then Karine makes the word 'Tribades' and a lesbian scene follows involving five or six girls. It is difficult to be certain either of the number or of all the identities. Barbara Moose, Monique Carrère, Karine Gambier are certainly present. Perhaps one other is Lucie Doll. If Morgane and Maria Catala are in this film (as listed in Dictionnaire des films français pornographiques et érotiques 16 et 35 mm), then this is the scene. There is a girl with short-ish, straight blonde hair who could be Morgane and a brunette who could be Maria.

The next word spelled out is 'Pipi' and we see Brigitte Verbecq peeing into a bowl.

Then Richard Lemieuvrre has 'Teenager' spelled out. A familiar scene (either archive footage or used elsewhere from this film) of Marilyn Jess and Céline Gallone on a bed, joined by Lemieuvre, follows.

The word 'Domination' is next and Marilyn Jess is the dominatrix in the following scene wearing her black thigh boots with an unidentified submissive male on a leash.

After this we don't see the word every time. The next scene features Carmelo Petix in drag doing his usual way-over-the-top camp act, dancing and buggering himself with a small white dildo.

The next scene has Jacques Marbeuf with 'schoolgirl' Céline Gallone.

The eighth word is 'Fellation' which is administered to Richard lemieuvre by Monique Carrère and Lucie Doll.

The ninth word is not seen, but the ensuing threesome between Brigitte Verbecq, Karine Gambier (dressed as a nurse) and Jacques Marbeuf features the an enema administered to the other two by Karine.

For scene 10, the familiar but unidentified female chooses the word, but we don't see it. Richard Lemieuvre is treated to a reverse gang bang by Brigitte VErbecq, Karine Gambier, Lucie Doll, Marilyn Jess and Céline Gallone.

Finally Marilyn Jess makes the word 'Partouze' and there is an orgy.


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