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Released: 2007
Director: Andy Casanova
Notes: ShowTime


  • “Il Regista” (The Director). A young girl, Samantha (Laura Perego), a stripper, is in bed checking out a magazine and becomes interested in an ad for a young aspiring actress to work in Florence. She immediately calls up, and a male voice sets up a casting rendez-vous for 3:00 PM that day. At a spooky house she meets the movie director, who calls himself Luca Damiani (Omar Galanti) (a bit of an in-joke I presume, although Samantha professes to know “Damiano” is a retired and well-known movie director) and gives her a screen test (she strips, masturbates herself, blows him, engages in vaginal and anal sex, he jerks off in her open mouth). At the end, the psycho director kills her by slitting her throat with a knife.
  • “La Vampira” (The Vampire). In a darkened room, a woman (Angela Gritti) has lesbian sex with an apparent sex slave, an initially unresponsive Asian girl (Angela Tay). At the end of the scene as Gritti bites the Asian girl’s neck, blood runs out, indicating Gritti is the vampire of the title. Gritti is now outside the house and with piercing demonic eyes commands a young vagrant (Matteo Basile) who has strolled into the property to come inside. She gives him a bath, brings him into her bedroom and screws him (anal, he jerks off while lying down flat on his stomach, and a few drops fall on her lips, she licks off his cum from his belly) and suddenly bites off a big chunk from his stomach and he dies.
  • "La Casa Maledetta” (The Cursed House). A man named Jimmy (Jimmy Bonaiuti, non-sex role) enters a house looking for Silvia (Nuvola Nera), and finds her crying, beaten, bloody and tortured. As he approaches her, a man (Diego De Palma) strikes him with a hatchet. The psycho killer runs off into the woods, then we see how things developed in flashback. We see Silvia who has been living in the rented house for a month and finds it wonderful and unexpectedly cheap. Jimmy warns her to leave the house, he tries to explain but the telephone connection is cut off. Later she is watching TV, hears some noises downstairs and when she goes to investigate she is seized by a psycho killer and faints. When she comes to she finds herself lying on her bed, with psycho killer wielding as knife and telling her he has escaped from an insane asylum, and that he has killed many women. He rapes and abuses her (she sports a shaved vagina and a large tattoo on her bell; sex in various positions and at the end he jerks off on her face while she weeps and cries in disgust. He strikes her with his knife....

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