< Les Roupettes-show

Released: 1983
Director: Henri Sala as Ken Warren
Alternate Titles
  • Gier auf heiße Katzen West Germany, Mike Hunter VHS 109
  • Dominique Vergnac as Edvina, plays J-P. Armand's wife, Sascha?
  • Marianne Aubert as Sylvie Esnault, plays Carla
  • Michelle Villers as Ingrid Willems on screen, as Michelle Villerf on cover, plays Mathilda
  • Patricia as Landy Malone (or mis-credited as Claire Combier on the cover), plays Mademoiselle Laudier

Males -

  • Alban Ceray plays Commissaire Villerbon
  • Jacky Arnal, as Jacky Jack, plays Romano
  • Jean-Pierre Armand
  • Henri Sala, non sex, plays Diego, the fence

Shot on location in tropical surroundings.

Commissaire Villerbon (Alban Ceray), a corrupt policeman, is looking for stolen jewelry. He suspects Mme Laundier but cannot prove it. As a matter of fact she has taken possession of it as she betrayed her accomplice Romano (Jacky Arnal) three years previously.

Recently Romano has been released from prison and now she's fearful of his revenge. She wants Villerbon to protect her. In return she pays him with sex.

Villerbon blackmails Carla (Marianne Aubert) and Mathilda (Michelle Villers), two blonde hookers, to sound Romano out. But after a relaxing threesome Carla betrays the plan to Romano.

Together with his accomplice (Jean-Pierre Armand) he kidnaps Laundier. She tries to fob them off with imitations but the fence Diego exposes the trick. After they have threatened and raped her she gives away the hiding-place on a desert island. Carla and Mathilda, who have spied on them, report it to Villerbon.

The two guys drive to the island and take the jewelry. When they return to Diego to sell it they find Villerbon waiting for them.

Carla and Mathilda then steal the jewelry as they have a foursome with Villerbon and a black girl, who's Armand's wife.

In the end we see Diego the fence together with Mme Laundier. He has kept the genuine jewelry and nobody knows!



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