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Released: 2001
Director: Patrick Deauville
Notes: FM Video 648, EDV 1130, executive producer Giancarlo Bini

Males -

  • Philippe Dean
  • Sébastien Barro
  • Pascal Saint James

Scene 1: Nicole Taylor, wearing golden silky underwear, and Angela Tiger, wearing black underwear, on a photoset, with one guy. Karma is masturbating (at one point with a magazine as dildo) while they have sex. Sex acts: BJ (both women), sex (both women), anal (Angela – two positions), facial (Angela), very short BJ clean-off (Nicole).

Scene 2: Laura Angel, wearing a yellow suit, yellow underwear, brown stockings, black high heels and with curly hair. With Philippe Dean. Sex acts: BJ, sex, anal, facial (on her nose), BJ clean-off.

Scene 3: Karma with a white bodice and blue fur scarf. With three guys wearing white bathing caps with glasses. A short part of the scene (around 30 seconds) is shot in black & white. Sex acts: BJ, anal, DP (two positions), one guy cums on her pussy, she takes two facials (one on her cheek and chin, the other goes mostly on the floor) with BJ clean-offs.

Scene 4: Karma wearing a black suit, violet bra, white panties and brown stockings. Scene occurs in a 4x4. Sex acts: BJ, anal (two positions), facial (most goes on her breast, a little on her chin).

Scene 5: Nataly Dune wearing a white shirt, red underwear and a black mini-skirt. Sex acts: BJ, facial (most goes on his belly, a little on her tongue – facial has already started before we see it), she licks his cock, short BJ clean-off.

Scene 6: Laura Angel wearing a white dress and Karma in blue dress next to an indoor swimming pool. Sex acts: BJ (Karma), sex (Karma), the guy cums in the air, BJ clean-off (Karma).

Scene 7: Karma in white lingerie with black work glasses. Sex acts: BJ, he cums on her breast, BJ clean-off.

Scene 8: Karma wearing a black bra and a black leather half-bodice, Nataly Dune wearing a black jacket, a black skirt, a pink shirt and brown stockings, Nicole Taylor wearing a white shirt and pink panties, Eva Angel wearing pink underwear. With Philippe Dean and other guys. Two guys wearing red fetish masks and latex gloves, another one wearing a black latex suit with a red fetish mask. Scene occurs in a living room on yellow couches. Sex acts: BJ (all four actresses), sex (Karma, Nataly, Nicole), DP (Karma), facial (Eva Angel, Nicole Taylor and Karma – Eva Angel: on the tongue but the cumshot is barely visible due to the lighting and the camera angle, Nicole Taylor: one guy cums on her ass, facial from the other one, a little on her tongue, facial has already started before we see it, BJ clean-off, Karma: on forehead and cheek, BJ clean-off). Nataly Dune is no longer visible after her sex scene, sort of replaced by Eva Angel who only appears after a few minutes.

Extras: pictures from the movie, trailers, website.

Ratings: Sex 3 – the actresses are very enthusiastic, the sex is great and there is plenty of it, but the editing is way too short and badly done; Make-up 5 – great job from the hairdresser; Clothes 5; Picture quality 2 – lighting is excessive, the result is the same as lack of lighting: details disappear. Furthermore, the picture is blurred, as if the movie had been badly transferred from a tape.

Comments: this could have been an outstanding movie with great actresses and top clothing. However, it is marred by excessive lighting, blurred picture and very bad editing.



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