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Released: c. 1991
Director: Harry S. Morgan
Notes: Videorama, Teeny Exzesse
  • Marine Cartier as Alicia Guiliana, Monika Stern, Andrea Hummel or Sue Klein
  • Valerie [5] as Valerie Marx
  • XNK1339 as Alicia Guiliana, Monika Stern, Andrea Hummel or Sue Klein
  • XNK1340 as Alicia Guiliana, Monika Stern, Andrea Hummel or Sue Klein
  • XNK7496 as Alicia Guiliana, Monika Stern, Andrea Hummel or Sue Klein

Female credits - Valerie Marx, Alicia Guiliana, Monika Stern, Andrea Hummel, Sue Klein. I have no idea who any of these girls are so I'm guessing they've been put on screen in order of appearance. None of their names at least appear on the database at the moment. I have seen the first girl on the covers of some Teenage Sex magazines.

Males -

  • Richard Lengin
  • Yves Baillat

The plot is hard to determine as it's dubbed into German. Richard and Yves seem to be reminiscing about past times in an old flat with Yves saying "Hey remember that time we gave that Andi McDowell look-alike a DP up the pussy and the arse?" expecting Richard to say "Wow, yes! It was here in this very flat wasn't it!" as if that sort of thing would slip your mind.

First up is the Andi McDowell look-alike (possibly Valerie Marx - XNK1336). She has dark curly hair, high cheek bones and a fit, lithe body with small tits and a dark but trimmed bush. She sucks the men off at the same time, then jumps on Yves for reverse cowgirl as Richard watches and wanks and pulls faces at her. Then cowgirl on Yves whilst sucking Richard. Then DP. Then reverse cowgirl DP. During this bit she leans back and snogs and tongues Richard whilst holding him closer to her face as Yves fondles her sweaty breasts. It's a very intimate scene showing the girl getting and giving attention from and to the other two at once. Yves cums on her pussy, Richard is wanked off by the girl. The DPs sequence is quite lengthy here, in both positions, and there are very few cutaways, and toward the end, with the cumshots, there are no cutaways at all, which is great as you see how long it takes to wank a porn star off and you get a rough idea of what it's like to be on a porn set in real time. In total the DPs go on for 7 minutes, which is pretty good going considering there is hardly any edits. Briefly we see Yves and Richard pissing on her as she kneels in a bathtub after this scene, but Yves at least has a barley hidden hose leading off camera, suggesting his piss is actually pumped water. A fake water sports scene!

The two men seem to start up a business in the flat involving crap looking security cameras. Girls start answering ads in the paper and turning up at the flat. A blonde girl (Alicia Guiliana?) goes into the office with Yves. This is intercut with a black girl (Monika Stern? - XNK1337) going into another room with Richard. Yves undresses the blonde girl, fingers her a bit, gets a blowjob, licks her arsehole, fucks her arse from various positions and cums on her open arsehole. There is no vaginal penetration for the blonde girl. Richard sees the black girl strip, put a dice up her pussy and spit it out, gets a BJ, and fucks her pussy RCG, then spoons, anal spoons and anal doggy before she jacks him off onto her tongue.

An early twenties couple answer the ad. The boy seemingly can't get aroused (so it's a sex clinic now?) so Yves suggests the girl (Andrea Hummel?) who's blonde and looks like Christina Applegate, should get a good fingering from himself. She tries to suck her partner off but he won't get hard. Yves pretends to film her with one of his fake cameras, then fingers her arse. The boy starts rubbing her tits from behind (with no attention paid to the nipples at all - it's a wonder she puts up with him). Yves start vigorously fingering the girl, rubbing her G spot with three fingers. She seems to love this and at one point leans forward and hugs him. This obscures the action but is still erotic as you can see the immense pleasure on her face and from the way she's pulling him closer to her. Finally, with no noticeable orgasm from anyone, the scene ends as Yves gives her his fingers to lick.

There is another scene about to start here as we see a girl with curly dark hair (Sue Klein? - XNK1340) walking up the street about to go in the office. My copy cuts here and the scene is incomplete.

Cut to Andi McDowell look-alike again (Valerie Marx?) walking down the street, answering the ad herself. She gets a shock when she sees it's Richard and Yves house, but fucks them in the hallway anyway. Blowjobs, RCG, CG, doggy and RCG anal before she gets into the "crane operator" position and wanks off both men at the same time from either side - a tricky manoeuvre but she does it with style taking cumshots from both guys on her face and chest (Yves' is slowed down).

NB: Although it was certainly shot on tape, this film appears to have been rendered to look as if it was shot on film.

Bill Malone.


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