< Le Retour des veuves DVD available

Released: 1979
Director: Claude Bernard-Aubert as Burd Tranbaree
Notes: DVD Blue One with Veuves en chaleur, also features Serena (iafd)
Alternate Titles
  • Endlose Lust West Germany, Beate Uhse
  • Pornografia campagnola Italy
  • Pornografia viziosa
  • Return of the Widows
  • Take Me Down Cal Vista, 80 mins.
  • Träume junger Witwen 2 DVD available Tabu

Males -

  • Jean-Pierre Armand
  • Gregory plays Philippe Dubois
  • Terry (?)

The film opens with Jean-Pierre Armand and a male, presumably Gregory, being entertained by two strippers. One is blonde (XNK0388, but this could be Danièle David with curlier hair) and the other brunette (Sophie Duflot). They strip then dress then have sex with the two men.

Then Gregory looks up the death notices in Le Figaro and the theme of Veuves en chaleur resumes, but with more comedy - very Carry-On style. They disagree on tactics, however. Jean-Pierre thinks a visit is better, Gregory favours a letter of condolence.

The first widow is Brigitte Lahaie. Jean-Pierre visits her and calls her Madame ..., but, tearfully, she says "Appelez-moi Madeleine." So he turns away and shouts "Madeleine!" thinking Madeleine is the maid. This gives her the giggles and leads to a b/g scene.

After he leaves Elisabeth Buré arrives to deliver Gregory's letter of condolence. A g/g scene follows as Brigitte is mad for it by now.

Gregory then receives a phone call from Brigitte and visits. The 'call me Madeleine' joke is repeated but Elisabeth Buré also turns out to be Madeleine and responds - a b/g/g scene follows.

Jean-Pierre visits someone he thinks is another widow, but he turns out to be a widower (is this Terry?). Jean-Pierre leaves and meets Elisabeth Buré arriving with Gregory's letter of condolence. He takes her back to surprise Gregory and a b/b/g scene follows.

Gregory visits Danièle David (Odile) and 'consoles' her. Then Jean-Pierre arrives bearing a cake box in front of him hiding an erection sticking out of his trousers. A b/b/g scene ensues.

The widow Elise (or Elisa, Dominique Saint Claire) is visited by Gregory who appears to be bringing her the present of a puppy on a lead. Then the camera drops to reveal a naked Jean-Pierre with a toy bone in his mouth. gregory leaves her with her present and b/g occurs then b/b/g as Gregory returns.

Elisabeth Buré brings a telegram to the two men and another b/b/g scene results.

Then the two men visit the final widow, American porn star Serena. Elisabeth Buré now seems to be her maid and a b/b/g becomes a foursome.

DVD  21.99 EUR Orgazmik: Take Me Down VCX
   35.99 EUR Orgazmik: Veuves en Chaleur / Le Retour des Veuves Blue One
   22.99 EUR Orgazmik: Träume junger Witwen 2 Tabu Film
Video on Demand (Download)  7.99 EUR Orgazmik: Take Me Down VCX
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