< Porno Girls 1# Parte - Amores profundos

Released: c. 1977 (video 1984)
Director: Jordi Gigó as Georges Lewis, but really Ricard Reguant
Notes: Spain/Andorra, Astrid Films, produced by Jordi Gigó
Alternate Titles
  • Amores profundos
  • Amores profundos - 1# Parte de Porno Girls
  • Porno Girls 1# Parte
  • Jennifer James non-sex, plays Marjorie, the receptionist at the Glamour model/escort agency
  • Lynn Endersson plays Lorena, who runs the Glamour model/escort agency
  • Mirna Bel as Myrna Vel, plays the politician's daughter Magdalena (Mag) aka Violetta (escort name)
  • XNK7061 as Najdia Obledo, Noella Parker, Patty Lamour, Emilia Ribero, Montserrat Mascaro, Brigitte or Agueda Alvarez; plays Maria, a model, nude only apart from mild dildo play in the photo session
  • XNK7062 as Najdia Obledo (most likely), Noella Parker, Patty Lamour, Emilia Ribero, Montserrat Mascaro, Brigitte or Agueda Alvarez; plays Salgado's secretary

Credits. (The font used for the credits is difficult to read, exacerbated by the imperfect picture quality of the copy viewed. Some role names from the incomplete imdb entry, but these could not always be heard in the dialogue.)

Females -

  • Lynn Endersson plays the Madam
  • Myrna Vel plays the politician's daughter
  • Najdia Obledo plays Rosa
  • Jennifer James plays the receptionist at the brothel
  • Noella (Noelia?) Parker
  • Patty Lamour plays Pat
  • Emilia Ribero
  • Montserrat Mascaro
  • Brigitte (Brigitte & Gunther in the credits) - presumably one of the female sex show performers?
  • Agueda Alvarez

Males -

  • Jorge Termes plays Alex
  • Alain Grey plays Chris
  • Luis Arlt plays Manolo
  • Franc Bosc
  • José Madrid
  • Raúl Rosetti
  • Roberto Palomo
  • Francisco Casido
  • Salvador Ribas
  • Franko Mime (or Mimi?)
  • Vicenc Borja plays the Comisario
  • Fernando Jorge
  • Gregorio Martinez
  • Gunther - the male sex show performer?
  • Carlos Lasarte plays Raúl Salgado, the politician

This Cinemadrome thread begun by Nzoog Wahrlfhehen (a contributor elsewhere on egafd) has been a great help. See also this Cult Labs blog post.

It was not thought worthwhile to try to cap the sex show performers (at least three females) and audience members, most in both categories probably credited, and add them to the unknowns. Hence the number of female names in the credits exceeds the number of listed cast members.


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