< Petites mouilleuses pour gros calibres

Released: 1983
Director: Pierre Unia as Reine Pirau
Alternate Titles
  • Les Acculées video title
  • Esperienze innaturali di Lorain Italy
  • Les Perversions de Laure 1994 video title, Top¹X, France, may be a combination of two previous movies rather than a re-titling of Petites mouilleuses
  • Sexplosion, perverse Gelüste West Germany, Midnight Star

Males include -

  • Ghislain Garet (Grouard) plays the adoptive father / brother-in-law
  • Christophe Clark plays the boyfriend ('le minet' in the parking lot)
  • Alain L'Yle plays Victor, the gardener

Laure is a young girl with a great sexual appetite. The movie splits into two parts:

  1. in Paris where she mainly has sex with her (step)parents;
  2. later in the countryside where she stays with her depraved uncle/professor and his family.

There is quite a bit of dirty talk in this one, since Laure excites her lovers by telling them about other sexual encounters. Also she listens a lot to pornographic cassettes and discs to excite herself and her would-be partners.

Laure meets with a boyfriend (Christophe Clark) in a garage, where she excites him, masturbating and showing herself off on top of a motorcycle and meanwhile telling about the way she has sex with her (step)mother (Marie-Christine Chireix) and (step)father (Grouard). Finally Clarke fucks her on the motorcycle.

She has further sex with ma and pa. There's a moment when ma fucks her with a strap-on and dad sodomises her. Pa keeps telling her he is not her real father since she constantly cries out 'oh daddy!'

In the countryside she does some studying with her uncle Albert; he has a young wife Hélène, a black maid Jeanette, and Victor, the gardener. First Victor half rapes her when he has watched her finger herself; then the father spies on her masturbating in the bathroom; then we see the father in a sort of nursing scene where he drinks alcohol from a baby bottle. Jeanette nurses him and his wife sucks him. Victor and Laure watch them and intrude themselves wearing devilish masks and holding meat knives. They have sex together and then they join together with the others. Victor and Albert have a double-fuck with Hélène, whilst Laure fucks the maid with a strapped-on dildo.


Another view, from the German video -

Eva is a young cutie with curly hair and a boyish body. In a subterranean garage she arouses her boyfriend by some dirty talk.

She sits backwards on a bike while spreading her pussy and detailing sex adventures with her sister-in-law. In a bedroom we see her flicking Karin's clit with her tongue. Next she unbuttons her brother-in-law's pyjama trousers and takes all of his cock into her mouth. The couple then stroke and caress her and she's fucked doggy style.

The scene fades back to the garage where she has already wrapped her hand around her boyfriend's cock. She kneels on the bike exposing her ass to him. He licks it intensively before he penetrates her from behind. After a long drive she turns around and lets him jerk off on her tits.

Eva enters Karin's mansion. Karin grabs a strap-on dildo and slides it into Eva. She gets a really hard fuck until the husband arrives. He moves behind her and invades her ass giving Eva a hard double penetration.

Next we see Eva riding on an SNCF train to the countryside where she stays with her uncle and aunt. On the next day she lays in her bed and exposes her naked ass to the gardener who's watching her through the window. She reaches into her backpack and pulls out some kind of dildo which is pushed gently in between her lower lips.

The gardener climbs through the window and in no time she lets him feel her lips around his cock. After a few strokes she jerks him off on her small tits. But he's not done yet and starts fucking her doggy until he squirts the rest of his load on her back.

While she takes a bath the host enters her room and sniffs her panties. He is peeping through the door as she slides a hairbrush into her cunt.

In the evening dinner is brought to her by her aunt and the black maid. On the bed the maid gets into position to lick her Mistress' pussy as Eva enjoys herself with a dildo.

Later on the uncle lies in his bed. His wife is wearing a nurse uniform and starts measuring his blood pressure. While the maid serves him a soup he starts fondling her breasts. The careful nurse then examines his cock with her mouth. Meanwhile the gardener visits Eva in her room and together they observe the threesome. With devil masks and red sweaters they join the party. Eva then jerks off the gardener. The maid takes over while the uncle fucks his wife doggy. Eva plays with her clit before she shoves her strap-on dildo into the black maid. Finally the wife is dp'ed by her husband and the gardener.


Film information updated with help from Dictionnaire des films français pornographiques et érotiques 16 et 35 mm.


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