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Released: 2005
Director: Dennis Black Magic
Notes: Black Magic, Perfection label
Alternate Titles
  • Perfection: Porn Angels
  • Perfection: Pure Passion

Male -

  • Neeo

The label for this series is 'Perfection' and the two female performers are certainly that.

Silvia Saint, in a long black dress and sipping a glass of wine, walks past a door which is slightly ajar and catches a glimpse of a couple inside a room having sex Angel Dark in a slinky scarlet dress is giving oral sex to a smartly-dressed young man. Silvia stops to watch and is increasingly turned on.

Skilful editing and intercutting of her sidelong glances at the camera, give the impression that Angel Dark sees the voyeur and plays up to her as the couple go through various sex acts. When the man catches sight of the voyeur however, she swiftly turns away. She goes into a restroom, locks herself in and replays the scene she has just watched in her mind's eye. She slowly strips off her dress, which is all that she is wearing, and begins to masturbate to the film playing in her head. A glass dildo is conveniently available.

Her use of the dildo becomes more frenzied as she moves from recall to fantasy of a lesbian encounter with the girl in the red dress. Cut to Angel Dark bringing her male friend to a climax over his stomach. Then, in the restroom, the door handle rattles, the door is unlocked and Silvia is discovered by Angel Dark. However, she is unoffended, indeed the opposite, and, naked, she masturbates in front of Silvia and then beckons to her. There follows a lesbian encounter in a bedroom where glass dildos are much in evidence again.

In this DVD, Dennis Black Magic is evidently trying to produce something in strong contrast to the extreme gonzo so prevalent in modern, especially American, porn and hooray for that in my opinion. He succeeds. This is an erotic, classy, glossy and beautifully-shot vignette. It has no dialogue, an appropriate choice in this instance, but background mood music instead. It creates a simple but erotic situation. There is lots of slow build up it is 14 minutes before Silvia Saint even begins to remove her dress. This will suit very well those who are looking for erotica rather than just raw sex.

However, my one caveat is the length. Whatever their particular tastes, porn fans are greedy. At just over an hour, including two brief interviews with the female stars (which stress what the director is trying to do) and some behind-the-scenes footage, and with quite a lot of reprising (which, granted, is necessary to achieve the desired effect) and slow motion, even fans of this type of material may wonder why there isn't another vignette on the same DVD.

DVD  17.99 EUR Orgazmik: Perfection: Pure Passion Black Magic
Video on Demand (Download)  7.99 EUR Orgazmik: Perfection: Pure Passion Black Magic
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