< Portugiesische Feigen

Released: c. 1982
Director: Horst Troh
Alternate Titles
  • Hochsaison Wara Video
  • Inquietudine morbosa di una moglie Italy, credits stolen, probably from the Italian release of Sünde, Sex und scharfe Katzen
  • Petits slips à croquer France

Males include -

  • Jürgen Bigalke

Christine Black has sex with her boyfriend on a repulsive green bed. Then she flies off south on holiday with Gina Janssen. We see them wandering round the resort. Then abruptly, with another girl (Margitta Hofer), accosting a man in a field. Gina does not get involved in any h/c but she is in the foursome.

Cut back to the green bed where Christine's boyfriend is enjoying himself with another girl (XNK1459).

A couple having sex in the countryside - Rolf Zigan with an auburn, curly-haired woman (no clear shot of face) - are interrupted and replaced by another couple - female a brunette (XNK1460), man has a lighter moustache than the man in the field. They continue indoors.

After another Gina and Christine tourist interlude, back in Germany, we see several people round a table in an apartment - Christine Black, XNK1461 and a black girl (XNK1462), the original boyfriend, and two other males - dancing turns to sex with partner swapping.


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