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< Perversités suédoises

Released: 1977
Director: Jean-Claude Roy as Patrick Aubin
Alternate Titles
  • Crazy Hotel DVD available Mike Hunter DVD box title
  • Love Village
  • Perverse Sexspiele West Germany, Mike Hunter

Males -

  • Alban Ceray as Alban
  • Dominique Aveline, uncredited, plays the motorist
  • Jean Louis Vattier plays Gaston, the baker's boy
  • Roger Trapp may be the man who plays a gendarme (non-sex)
  • Charlie Schreiner, uncredited, plays a guest
  • unidentified male, looks similar in some ways to Charlie Schreiner, also in Ragazza alla Pari, plays the male researcher

Barbara Moose and Carole Gire, hitch hiking to the south of France, seduce the motorist who picks them up (being scolded by a gendarme) and then stop off at a small hotel and create havoc among the staff, the guests and the villagers, especially the baker’s boy. They seduce everyone in sight - the maid, the owner/chef (Alban Ceray), a lone female guest (XNK2367), a guest couple (Charlie Schreiner and Myriam Watteau), but not (yet) the baker’s boy, and turn them all into sex maniacs, including the frustrated baker’s boy. This 'lad' (Vattier is a bit old for the part) spies an orgy going on inside the hotel and is driven to draw a female outline in the gravel of the drive and then make love to it. The hole he creates eventually becomes a fertility symbol site of scientific interest, attracting a couple of researchers to investigate it (Nadine Scant and a Charlie Schreiner near look-alike). Barbara Moose takes pity on the baker's boy and allows him to have his way with her on a swing. All of course ends in another orgy.


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