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Released: 1991
Director: Mario Salieri
Notes: Italy, Black & Blue, also features Jeanna Fine, Sunny McKay (iafd) and Misty McCaine (bgafd)
Alternate Titles
  • Délires italiens DVD available Colmax, double feature DVD with Le Cercle Vicieux
  • Sarah and Friends 13 SAP, includes Potere
  • Sarah Young Directors Cut Special Edition 3 DVD available Mike Hunter DVD of Sarah and Friends 13 which includes Potere
  • Stairway to Heaven Germany, SAP

Other cast -

  • Rally van Kamp, as Rally Wodman, (sic), plays a corrupt minister
  • Yves Baillat, plays the secretary of the minister
  • Sean Michaels, plays the ambassador of an African country
  • Sunny McKay, plays the wife of Rally Wodman
  • Jeanna Fine, plays the wife of a political prisoner
  • Misty McKain, plays the wife of a political aid of Rally Wodman

The minister is corrupt and abuses his power. He also rapes the black refugee (Charlene). (Scene 1 - Charlene and Rally).

Yves Baillat abuses his position with Jeanna, promising he will help her to get her husband free (Scene 2 - Yves and Jeanna).

The ambassador is a willing participant in the corruption but he first wants to fuck Misty (Scene 3 - Misty and Sean).

Wodman blackmails his wife to make a threesome (Scene 4 - Rally and Charlene and Sunny).

The ambassador and the wife get reinforcements from the female guest (Scene 5 - Sean and Misty and Magdalena).

The ambassador gets his way with the wife of his opponent (Scene 6 - Rally and Zara).

The ambassador wants his revenge and rapes the wife of the minister and kills him (Scene 7 - Sean and Sunny).


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