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Released: c. 1985
Notes: compilation of clips from Ribu films

Males -

  • Alban Ceray
  • Richard Lemieuvre
  • Jean-Pierre Armand
  • Dominique Aveline
  • Dominique Irissou
  • Guy Royer
  • several unidentified males

A compilation of clips from Ribu films of the 70s and 80s, linked by conversation between Alban Ceray and Richard Lemieuvre who take part in many of the scenes.

Barbara Moose reveals her lack of underwear as the breeze blows up her skirts (Cette malicieuse Martine).

Julia Perrin pisses in the bath and Barbara Moose masturbates herself to a frenzy (La Clinique des fantasmes).

Doris Champs-Dete and Uschi Karnat with Richard and Alban (Wild Playgirls).

XNK0441 and Richard Lemieuvre (Wild Playgirls).

Brigitte Verbecq is ridden round the room by a male spied on by XNK0202 (Internatsgeheimnisse junger Mädchen).

Alban has Brigitte Lahaie among the clothes racks in a dress shop (La Clinique des fantasmes).

Richard Lemieuvre has sex with XNK0204 ((Internatsgeheimnisse junger Mädchen).

Alban has sex with 'Nicole', XNK0438 (Wild Playgirls).

Alban and Richard are masseurs servicing Julia Perrin and Jane Baker (probably from Sweet Young Girls).

The dream sequence from Heiße Höschen (Sweet Sexy Slips)where Richard Lemieuvre sees only the bums of two girls sticking through a white wall.

Claire Lenoir rides Richard Lemieuvre (Heiße Höschen).

Barbara Moose inserts love balls and then has sex with the male assistant in a shoe shop (Cette malicieuse Martine).

Richard Lemieuvre has sex with Brigittte Verbecq, then with Monique Carrere, then with Mika Barthel, then removes the stuck bottle from Sophie Duflot, then has sex with her, then has a foursome with her, Julia Perrin and Jean-Pierre Armand (La Clinique des fantasmes).

Sophie Duflot has sex with an unidentified man and then Dominique Saint-Claire has sex with the same man while she has the top half of her body sticking through a hole in a green wall (Sweet Young Girls).

France Lomay and Uschi Karnat have sex in the bath (Heiße Höschen).

Barbara Moose has sex with Dominique Aveline by the river and Morgane, dressed as a bride, has sex with Alban (Cette malicieuse Martine).

Richard has sex with Dominique Saint-Claire and Isabelle Brell ((Heiße Höschen).

Mika Barthel has sex with Dominique Irissou and then Marianne Aubert has sex with Guy Royer watched by Lise Pinson (Der Frauenarzt vom Place Pigalle).

Alban and the Asian masseuse, XNK0533 ((Heiße Höschen).

Richard has sex with Brigitte Lahaie in the dentist's chair (Cette malicieuse Martine).

Monique Carrere has sex with a waiter in the toilets of a restaurant. (La Clinique des fantasmes. This is the same man as plays the young doctor in Sinnliche Sehnsucht aka Charlotte, una ragazza in calore.)

XNK0442 is fisted and then gets a DPP and DP from Alban and Richard (Wild Playgirls).


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