< Pornographie Suédoise

Released: 1976
Director: Jean Desvilles as Georges Fleury
Alternate Titles
  • 2 Suédoises à Paris re-issue title
  • Hot Sisters
  • Schwedenporno in Paris DVD available West Germany, Beate Uhse, Tabu DVD

Males -

  • Jacques Insermini plays Monsieur Dupont
  • Charlie Schreiner
  • two young men play the bikers (one may be the man who played Jacques in Erections)
  • the actor who played Jacques' father in Erections
  • one unidentified at the orgy

Two young Swedish girls, Ulla and Ingrid, arrive in Paris to be au-pair girls. They are to be employed by Mr and Mrs Dupont. After being coldly welcomed by the wife, they find themselves naked on the sofa with the husband while his wife mastubates in the company of her dog who couldn't care less. When the girls have finished with the husband, the wife is taken care of. On hearing what's going on in his wife's bedroom, Mr. Dupont joins in while Ingrid disappears from the screen.

The following day, the two girls decide to leave their hosts and go for a naked ride with two bikers they have just met (I guess this must be what joy riding is about!).

The two girls go back to the Duponts to get their things packed and leave them. Bye bye scrumptious Ellen Earl. See you in another film! Well, not yet. Before disappearing from the film for good, the couple make love again (seems that Ellen has less fun with Insermini than she usually has with J. Marbeuf!).

The two girls settle down with the bikers and they soon fall into each other's arms and legs. Lucky the bearded one ends up with Chantal Naura who definitely knows how to handle such a situation. Poor Eva Anderson seems very awkward.

The next day, the girls are at the Swedish embassy to find a new job. Which leads them to a tall blonde and Charlie Schreiner who take them to a party in their country house in Normandy.

There he organizes a sort of blindman's-buff game. The two men are blindfolded and they have to recognize the six girls. This leads to some more sex which could really have been fun had the lighting been better, and the sound live.

Somewhere in the house a blonde masturbates to Japanese music. Who is she? This question didn't seem to cross the director's mind.

Then we are treated to a short lesbian scene involving Chantal Naura and the tall blonde girl. Then orgy time with the two men, the two au-pairs, Eva Khris and two others previously met by the swimming pool. Then the two girls hitch their way back to their biking friends and some more sex.

The following day, the four of them have a little outing by a river which gives Chantal Naura the opportunity of a (simulated ?) double penetration, and Eva Anderson that of a blowjob and doggie-style.

After debating over their return to Sweden, the girls decide to stay a little longer in France and the two bikers declare their love to them.

Unexpectedly, we see the two girls ringing at a man's door for another placement. He tries to kiss one. They threaten to depart which they eventually do, leaving him to his dream of hiring a fat Breton au-pair girl instead.

Before going home, the two girls phone their biking friends who take them away to Sweden for a 'collective wedding'.

My advice: don't hesitate to turn the sound off when the characters are not speaking (direct sound on some scenes), the music is definitely a turn off in this film. Don't miss Ellen Earl's eyes and smile (and for the French, don't miss her accent!). I wonder where she is now.


DVD  18.99 EUR Orgazmik: Schwedenporno in Paris Tabu Film
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