< Il Porno shop della settima strada

Released: 1979
Director: Joe d'Amato
Notes: All h/c consists of inserts using body doubles
Alternate Titles
  • The Pleasure Shop on 7th Avenue

Males (from the on-screen credits) -

  • Maxmilian Whener (first robber?)
  • Ernest Arold (sadistic robber?)
  • Peter Outlaw
  • Cristian Borromeo (on IMDB as Christian Borromeo)

This is a softcore sexploitation film with hard core inserts using body a body double for Anne Marie Clementi's blowjob and vaginal penetration from behind - here the body double seemed to have a tad more cellulite than Ms Clementi. Also for Brigitte Petronio's hand job, though she may have done her own light masturbation, certainly a close match.

There must be some doubt about the female names apart from Annamaria Climenti and Brigitte Petronio.

The peepshow loop viewed by the second robber is a light lesbian session between a blonde and a brunette whose faces can hardly be seen.

The second female student squatter has simulated sex with the blond male student squatter and the sadistic robber. She is a slightly oriental-looking brunette, only vaguely similar in looks to Annj Goren, who as far as I'm concerned is not in this film.

Two men rob a store and flee through the alleys into the back of a porn shop where they hold Anne Marie clementi hostage. The sadistic robber takes advantage of her, but the first robber protects her. However, they do force her to drive them to a gym in their car where they force a black man to help them. They then drive off to a house in the suburbs where three students (one male, two female) are taking advantage of the owners' absence to squat. They hold them all hostage there, but a middle-aged woman (XNK0377) at the gas station where they stopped is seen phoning up and informing on them.

Anne Marie Clementi succumbs to the advances of the first robber.

Brigitte Petronio resists the black male accomplice, who desists when he realises she really is a virgin (that's how it seems anyway, couldn't follow the Italian), but she is secretly turned on and, in a sexy scene, lies on a pool table and allows the sadistic robber to hit balls between her legs. She then watches the second student female (XNK0376) have sex with him and touches herself. She then has the black accomplice go down on her.

Then the mob owners of the house where they are all hiding out turn up and the shop worker and the students are freed.


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