< Petites filles au bordel DVD available

Released: 1980
Director: Francis Leroi
Notes: Blue One DVD, 1 hr. 14 mins., with Les Vices caches d'Eva Blue and Couples voyeurs & fesseurs
Alternate Titles
  • Dodo petites filles au bordel DVD available title used on DVD
  • Dream Girls in a Brothel Alpha France English title
  • Open Nightly 1981 DVD available USA (Caballero, 1 hr 22 mins., DVD) and West Germany (Beate Uhse)
  • Pussy Baby West German, Beate Uhse, 1 hr 18 mins

Males -

  • Hubert Géral plays Albert, husband of Lulu, father of Julie
  • Claude Frank plays the lieutenant
  • Tony Taylor plays Victor
  • Peter von Inge plays Thibaut
  • Michel de Nyokynos plays Antoine, the manservant
  • Santos Cartier plays L'huissier
  • Henry Darbac plays Le président (of the bank)
  • Dominique Aveline plays L'aveugle (the blind client)
  • Jean-Pierre Armand, uncredited, plays Le militaire
  • Guy Bonnafoux, uncredited takes part in stage show
  • Gaston Meunier, uncredited
  • Claude Montal, uncredited
  • Cyril Val, uncredited (?)

Husband and wife, Albert and Lulu, run a brothel, Le Chat Rose, which is struggling financially. Albert and Lulu get a banker to give them a loan by letting him win the services of the girls at games of cards and think they can rejuvenate the brothel by bringing in their daughter, Julie, who has been fostered out to a couple who pretend to be priest and nun (Mary in the English dub, XNK0503). They defeat debt collectors by photographing them with Fifi (Dominique in the English dub).

Julie is gradually initiated into the ways of the establishment while working as a maid alongside Rose (Katy in the English dub), watching the stage shows they put on, e.g. Fifi working as a magician's assistant, and observing closely the goings on as her mother entertains a blind man, a blonde prostitute (XNK0501) and an army lieutenant with Rose and a couple of soldiers, her father and the manservant entertain a female client (Christine Lodes, playing Sylvaine de Montevideo in the English dub) and her mother with another male client and a female (XNK1087). Julie puts on a show herself with Rose and two men, playing a virgin, and then her virginity is the prize in a poker game which the lieutenant wins.

Sophie Guers appears in the initial probably as the false-bearded lady, judging by her impressive bust. XNK0500 and a slim brunette in a bird mask (perhaps Cathy Stewart) also appear in this scene.

DVD  18.99 EUR Orgazmik: Pussy Baby Tabu Film
Video on Demand (Stream)  8.95 USD Gamelink: Dream Girls In A Brothel Alpha-France
   8.95 USD Gamelink: Open Nightly Caballero
Video on Demand (Download)  7.99 EUR Orgazmik: Pussy Baby Tabu Film
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