< Prostitution clandestine

Released: 1975
Director: Alain Payet
Alternate Titles
  • Clandestine Prostitution

Males -

  • Pierre Taylou plays Le Notere (? spelling)
  • Michel Charrol plays Le Photographe retoulé (?)
  • Gilbert Servien plays Pierre
  • Gabriel Pontello plays Sp.... TV (? unreadable, looks like Speaker)
  • Jacques Marbeuf plays L'exhibitioniste
  • Jacques Couderc plays Le Voleur
  • Richard Bigotini, as Bigotini, plays Laurent
  • Guy Bonnafoux plays Le Satyre
  • Robert le Ray plays Le Comte
  • Richard Lemieuvre plays Le Maître d'hôtel
  • Bernard Hug plays Bernard
  • Gabriel Coez plays the hippie
  • Didier Faya plays Le P... (unreadable)
  • Charlie Schreiner seems to be in it too, but if so is uncredited

Excellent credits - I wish I had a better copy so that I could read them better.

Glamour models hire themselves out to amateur photographers and this is used as a pretext for prostitution, hence the title. Claudine Beccarie and client (moustache).

Martine Grimaud, Claudine Beccarie and client (bald).

They telephone another girl who is too busy having sex to answer.

Tania Busselier and Gilbert Servien - no sex at this stage.

Gabriel Pontello, Marie-Christine Chireix and blonde (Marie-José Pontello) go to a grand hotel, are admitted to a suite by Richard Lemieuvre where they find a count (Robert le Ray) and countess (Sylvia Bourdon) with their male and female sex slaves. Sylvia has a man on a lead and she forces him to go down on Marie-Christine and then on her, meanwhile a girl gives head to Robert le Ray and Richard Lemieuvre and Bernard Hug enter the room and have a threesome with Marie-Christine on the couch, Pontello and the blonde having left.

Then we see Charlie Schreiner (I think) visit Marie-Christine at her apartment. Sylvia Bourdon (I think - poor picture quality) is there too and they have their way with him.

Tania Busselier picks up Gilbert Servien in the street - another posing session, as he refuses sex with her.

Claudine Beccarie visit Gabriel Pontello and finds him with Marie-Christine and the blonde - foursome ensues.

Martine Grimaud visits a hippie at his large house in the country.

A blonde is visited by Jacques Marbeuf who opens his coat to reveal that he is naked apart from a ribbon tied round his penis. Cut back to Martine and the hippie, then the blonde is pestered by Marbeuf again.

Gilbert Servien and Tania are joined by his wife, France Quennie, who photographs the other two in action.

Liliane Lemieuvre has a client who wants to photograph her while she plays the piano in the nude, but he then straps a dildo to his head and tries to but her between her legs.


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