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Released: 1974
Director: Falcon Stuart (and Lasse Braun?)
Notes: hardcore documentary incorporating earlier loops, DVD from Alpha Blue Archives - Cult 70s Porno Director Lasse Braun (with Body Love)
Alternate Titles
  • The Family Jewels possibly
  • French Blue
  • Lasse Braun's Liebesgeflüster DVD available West Germany, MIke Hunter, Tabu DVD
  • Liebesgeflüster
  • Penetrator

Males -

  • Lasse Braun, himself
  • Willy Bracque, as Willi Brack, himself
  • Nico Tierlier, himself
  • Claudio Rosso in the loop Casanova and the Country Girls
  • Bent Rohwedder in the loop Funny Priest
  • Robert Leray, as Robert Le Ray, in the loop Sweet Lips
  • Jean-Louis Vattier, uncredited, in the loop Cake Orgy

A behind-the-scenes look at Lasse Braun trying, with a probably spliff-induced leisureliness, to film a double penetration scene involving Brigitte Maier, Willy Bracque and another male actor, with an uncredited Dawn Cumming acting as a fluffer.

This is interspersed with some Lasse Braun loops involving variously Robert Leray, Claudine Beccarie, Sylvia Bourdon and others.

Notes from B.S. -

We are at Lasse Braun's studio in Breda, Netherlands, during the shooting of the sex scenes in the loop Close-Up. LB decides to try something unusual: a double anal penetration scene. Brigitte Maier's loose sphincter that enables her to do the anal scenes comfortably without lube is ideal, but the main problem is that Nico Tierlier and Willy Braque can't get an erection at the same time. Braque, especially, seems to have some adaptation problems. When the fluffer comes to help, he forgets about the shoot and starts to fondle and kiss her. LB constantly courts Brigitte, hugging and kissing his "protegée". After many attempts, the most successful of which doesn't last more than a few seconds, they start to shoot the regular anal scene as scheduled. At a break, performers are served a joint. LB jokingly intimidates Braque with informing the Parisian police for his pornography and drug abuse activities in the Netherlands. He then turns to the camera, calling the French authorities "idiots" and producing the aphorism "Porn and drug is beautiful". Tierlier gets pretty stoned and begins doing funny things, much to the amusement of the ladies in the crew.

LB has at the studio a special guest; American black sexploitation star Lavelle Roby who had introduced Brigitte Maier to LB in Stockholm.

The featured loops (in order of appearance):

  • Casanova and the Country Girls
  • Funny Priest (aka Le Curé, le flic, et.. la belle au bois dormant)
  • Sweet Lips (aka La Matinée d'un homme d'affaires)
  • Tour Eiffel
  • Cake Orgy

Some versions also have as the prelude, a short pornographic animation created for LB by the famous French cartoonist Siné (Maurice Sinet).

DVD  18.99 EUR Orgazmik: Liebesgeflüster Tabu Film
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