< Olinka, Goddess of Love

Released: 1980s, late
Notes: compilation

Males -

  • Gabriel Pontello
  • Piotr Stanislas
  • Eric Dray
  • various others

A compilation of 8 or 9 short vignettes. 1 hour 18 mins.

1. from White Heat (Amour aux sports d'hiver) dir. Michel Lemoine, 1981

A man meets his date, Olinka, at a restuarant. They soon leave and drive through the snow to his mountain view retreat. He serves her wine which he 'accidentally' spills on her. He strips her out of her top and plays with her tits. Takes down her skirt to reveal black stockings and g-string, which she then removes while sitting in a reclining chair as he goes off to fetch champagne. He returns and pours champagne over her body, licking it off, then licking her tits and pussy. They fuck in the missionary position. Olinka gets up and stands near the fireplace while he licks her pussy from underneath, then he eats her as she lies on the rug. He puts his cock in her mouth then rubs it over her tits before she sucks him again. He fucks her in the missionary position once more before wanking himself to a climax over her body.

2. from Ingrid Whore of Hamburg, dir. José Bénazéraf, 1984

Olinka portrays a prostitute who plies her trade in a coastal Mediterranean village. A jealous lover looking out to sea doesn't respond to his girlfriend (Olinka) so she leaves. She is going to see a customer. Indoors, she drops her neglige in front of a mirror and stands completely naked. A man enters and takes her from behind as she bends over the couch. Later, her lover decides he must have her as a customer. He enters the room and removes his top, she's lying down wearing a short pink dress. He licks her pussy. She pulls the dress off over her head. More pussy licking then she sucks his cock. He fucks her missionary. Cut to them kissing on the beach and walking off arm in arm.

3. "Vacation". from an as-yet unidentified film

In Spain, Olinka dances a traditional Spanish dance outside with another girl (XNK0335). They retire to the house and are joined by a male tourist who wants a closer look at the "national treasures". He gets them to raise their skirts once more. He slips the girls out of their dresses then licks Olinka's pussy. Both girls then lick his cock. The unknown girl fucks him in the cowgirl position while kissing Olinka, then he does Olinka from behind. The unknown licks Olinka's pussy from underneath and this continues as the guy fucks her, Switch to fucking her reverse cowgirl. He pulls out to come over her pussy.

4. from an as-yet unidentified film

Olinka is served orange juice by a black girl (XNK0336) in just an apron, white knickers and white stockings. She removes Olinka's coat revealing just g-string and black stockings underneath. They go into the bathroom, kissing and caressing and undress. Pussy licking and fingering while standing in the bath. They dry each other off.

5. from Revolution (Orgies revolutionnaires) dir. José Bénazéraf, 1984

In a South American country an ambassador and his wife (Olinka) visit "El Presidente". The president leaves the ambassador and takes Olinka on a tour of the palace. They go into a room and kiss and caress as Olinka strips to her stockings and suspenders. He fucks her on the bed in the missionary position, then spoon and reverse cowgirl.

6. from Mrs Winter's Lovers, dir. José Bénazéraf, 1985

A distressed brunette servant and widow Mrs Winter (Olinka) return from a visit to the graveside of Mr Winter. Olinka observes the chauffeur polishing the Rolls Royce. Later the new chauffeur serves tea to Olinka and the distressed servant girl. He takes out his cock and the brunette sucks him. Shot of Olinka in black stockings and suspenders and veiled hat masturbating, intercut with the chauffeur taking her from behind as she furiosly wanks herself. Cut to the chauffeur cumming in the brunette's mouth, Olinka licks it from her face and off his cock.

Later, two guests arrive as the two girls are having sex - Mrs Winter's evil step daughter Izabel (XNK0054) and a lawyer. The will dictates Mrs Winter must remain chaste or else the money goes to the stepdaughter - Mrs Winter faints on hearing the news. She has a trick up her sleeve though, she seduces the lawyer and a threesome ensues with the brunette who he fucks missionary. Elsewhere Izabel has sex with the chauffeur and this is intercut with the brunette licking Olinka's pussy as she sits on the sink dressed only in black heels. Anal finger penetration by the chauffeur on Izabel, then he fucks her from behind, finally cumming on her bum as the other three enter the room to witness.

7. from an as-yet unidentified film

Olinka does a striptease with groping by the stud from the other scenes while observed by a couple and another male. The male leaves as Olinka goes down on her partner. Soon they are joined by others for a full blown orgy, including the black girl from the earlier scene.

8. from Burning Snow (Neiges brűlantes) dir. Michel Lemoine, 1981, sequel to White Heat

Olinka, as Muriel, arrives in a snowbound mountain village in a horse drawn carriage. She is mistaken for a woman called Lorna who Hans, the driver, had an amorous encounter with in the snow the previous year, this is recounted in a flashback...Dressed in fur coat, orange undies, stockings and boots, she led him on, but then cried rape. A man (the usual stud) comes to her rescue and sees him off. She asks him to rape her instead. She removes her g-string and he licks her pussy, as Hans watches from a distance. She gives him a bj while fingering herself. She lies back in the snow and gets fucked in the missionary position until he cums on her pussy.

Cut back to the present and Hans drops Muriel at the hotel where she meets a friend. Her fiance arrives later.

Muriel undresses in the bedroom and is joined by her fiance. Both completely naked, she gives him a blowjob, then 69. He fucks her missionary, then doggie, missionary again before cumming over her stomach.

Muriel's friends become suspicious that she and sexpot Lorna (Alice) are the same person. They discover that Lorna has a beauty mark on her bum, so her friends conspire to get her to undress to prove her identity. Muriel goes to a house and is met by her friend who is dressed in white lingerie. The friends have arranged a wild orgy, but Muriel has heard the rumours herself and guesses she's been tricked. She undresses to black underwear, stockings and suspenders, then removes her knickers, but draws a mark on her bum while been observed by the friend. She enters the room where the other guests are present (possibly including XNK0329 to XNK0332), but they are all dressed. She shows herself off to them in her anger. Her boyfriend is there and calls her Lorna and she leaves in tears to pack and leave them forever.

The girl in white lingerie has explained what happened and the friends realise their mistake. They run after her. She flees from them when they corner her at the hotel and she escapes through a window. She falls, but is caught by a man standing in the snow. Her fiance and male friend come for her and carry her away. As she leaves the village with her fiance ... Lorna arrives.

DVD  12.99 EUR Orgazmik: Olinka: Goddess Of Love Caballero
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