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Released: 1995
Director: Christophe Clark (scc. 1/2/4/5), Marc Paris (scc. 3/6)
Notes: Video Marc Dorcel, 80 min.
Alternate Titles
  • Offertes à tout 6

Males -

  • Christophe Clark
  • Victor Willis as Stefan Willis
  • Kalman
  • Andrea Nobili
  • Attila
  • John Walton
  • David Perry as David le Cogneur
  • Hervé Pierre Gustave

One unidentified female in a non-sex role.

[Notes by Len801] Six vignettes shot in various places in what seems to be a rather cold and frigid France.

  1. L’Hotel des Soupirs. Melinda, Clark (anal, he jerks off over her neck and chest)
  2. Amour lesbien. Olga, Gabriella; in a brief opening-sequence Olga claims that the blonde she is going to have sex with is her sister
  3. Un Fauteuil pour jeu’x. Emmanuelle, Stefan Willis (facial)
  4. Homme a Tout Faure. Anita, Kalman (K Nyiri; facial)
  5. Le Dessous des Cartes. Monica, Melinda, Clark, Andrea Nobili (apparently miscredited as Mike Foster), Atilla (the young, blond Attila), Z. Golt (John Walton). This scene is divided into three parts. The first is Monica performing oral sex on Walton, Attila and Nobili . Then the card-game is interrupted by gatecrasher Clark and his girl Melinda, who join in; finally, Clark wins at cards and gets to fuck the two girls alone (he fucks Monica in the ass, and she jerks him off in her open mouth)
  6. Cocktail detonnant. Kim, Herve-Pierre Gustave, David le Cogneur (D Perry). Perry jerks off on her furry pussy, and Gustave dons a condom for vaginal sex (he jerks off over her left breast). The sex-content in this is quite short, much of the runtime being taken up with party-guests drinking and chatting - Philippe Soine has a brief non-sex cameo here.

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