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Released: 1994
Director: Michel Ricaud, Sandrine Vincenet and Marc Paris
Notes: Video Marc Dorcel, also features Madison (iafd)
Alternate Titles
  • Make Me An Offer 4 Marc Dorcel English title
  • Puttane Italy, Stars Pictures

Males -

  • Eric Weiss
  • Joe Calzone as Jean-Yves Le Castel
  • Christophe Clark
  • Pierre le Grand
  • Richard Lengin as Richard Langin
  • Philippe Soine

Bill Malone writes -

Definitely a couples film.

All quotes taken from English dubbed version on DVD. These girls all agree to the sex before hand but act out fantasies for the camera with selected Euro porn studs.

Starts with an interview to camera with Madison (American, huge fake breasts, large tattoo of flower on lower right leg and ugly fish on her right leg). No sex as yet...

La Tatouage:

Then an interview to camera with Valy Verdi, 36, 25, 36, who wants to get a tattoo ("it turns my boyfriend on,") of a butterfly "just where by butt crack starts". She already has a small rose tattooed on her left breast, another on her lower left leg, a dolphin on her right shoulder blade, a heart on her right arm and some writing on her left arm, so presumably her boyfriend is hard to please... She removes her clothes (except her sexy black underwear) and we see she's shaved. The tattoo done (fake, I assume!) the tattoo guy (Eric Weiss) starts to finger her ("think of it as a little bonus, no?") and despite her seriously not wanting that kind of attention to start with, she eventually agrees (hmm, fuel for rapists if ever there was). She sucks him and they have sex in the tattooist chair reverse cowgirl, doggy and anal doggy (despite her earlier saying she preferred vaginal). She looks into the camera a lot during this scene. The guy pulls out and cums so hard he hits the back of the chair and also over the new tattoo, which would make the colour run if it was real.......The tattooist is literally dripping with sweat. "You can call your tattoo Eric," he winks, oddly.

Le Prince Charmant:

Interview with Carole Marnie (called "Marnie" in the interview). She's 20 (in 1994), just under 5' 2", 38-20(or 25, she can't be sure)-36. She gets off on the camera and lighting crew watching her having sex. Her fantasy is a prince charming (Jean-Yves Le Castel) sweeping her off her feet with expensive gifts. He sound in the English dubbed version like Prince Charles and calls her "Caroline". He asks her to try on some silk bras and lingerie. He holds them against her chest to see if they're the right size. They barely fit as her huge bust squeezes out of the top, but she enjoys his attempts. He licks her nipples and pulls down her skirt to expose her bum. There's some fingering and licking and a finger in each hole for Carole before her enthusiastic blow job, her big bust swinging and her short hair bobbing about as she nods. Then (with a condom) she gets doggy, anal spoons, anal reverse cowgirl then vaginal missionary before her comes between her tits. He then gives her another present - a fur coat which engulfs her. Presumably the film makers washed the sperm out before taking it back to the shop.

Both scenes above directed by Sandrine Vincenot.

Les Yeux Bandes:

Interview with "Beata" (Deborah Wells). She's the girl on the cover of the DVD. Chest 92 cm, waist 62 cm. She plays with her pussy for a bit before the fantasy starts. She's blindfolded and dumped in a cellar. A geeky man (Christophe Clark) with Timmy Mallett hair and glasses teases her about her blindness and takes her clothes off. It sounds seedy and depraved but they're smiling and the music is really twee. She sucks his dick and then gets doggy on some pillows, turning t look at him despite the blindfold. Reverse cowgirl and she takes the blindfold off. Amazingly, considering his looks, she continues riding him. She sucks his dick and he licks her white stiletto. Then cowgirl, then that unnamed standing up holding her position, then missionary with legs held back. She wanks him off in her mouth. "You earned that," he says.

Les Voyeaurs Au Bois:

A miserable looking model (Maeva) with a good body poses for the camera. Her fantasy is to have sex in a car with people looking in. A mock Mission: Impossible scenario gets the stud (Pierre Le Grand) to the car, a Jag parked in the drive of a private estate. Her licks her as 4 men start to look in through the window, all apparently wanking, though this is not really shown. (Steamed up windows don't put them off.) Then she sucks him, and they have sex in the two front seats (only a Jag would allow this, it doesn't work in a Renault 5, trust me). He cums within 3 minutes of the scene starting. The car drives off.

Petite Fille:

Interview with Madison continues 5' 2", 34D-22-34, black hair. She speaks in English with a thick Valley accent "I lerve 'pernagraphy'...". She has a pierced tongue. The fantasy (with Richard Langin) has her dressed as a school girl and stripping for him. Her tits appear to be a different (odd) shape here, so she may have had another op between filming the scene and the interview. She has a great, curvy body with a perfect tan, possibly also bought. She rubs a sticky toffee lollipop over her pussy and his dick before sucking him. Her returns the oral with fingering, then cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, spoons and missionary before a facial, all the time with her wearing a pink bow around her neck.

All three scenes above directed by Michel Ricaud.

La Secretaire:

French girl Kim is in the final scene. Looks like British singer Kim Wilde. She wants sex with a powerful boss (Philippe Soine) on his desk. He starts to dictate, she rubs his dick with her foot, then oral on him, then her fucks her missionary style on the desk. She's very hairy down there and she seems to be wearing the same underwear as Valy Verdi in scene 1. Doggy turns to anal doggy then he cums over her glasses. He pays her and says "Not bad at all."

Directed by Marc Paris.


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