< La Nymphomane lubrique

Released: 1979
Director: Alain Payet as René Houaro
Notes: shot in 1978
Alternate Titles
  • Ninfomane tutta bocca - La Mondane Felice Italy, title stolen from the Italian release of Pleasure is My Business starring Xaviera Hollander

Males -

  • Thierry de Brem plays the husband
  • Dominique Aveline plays the pick up on the train and takes part in the final orgy
  • Richard Allan benefits from the blackmail and takes part in the final orgy
  • Jean-Louis Vattier has sex with the maid on the kitchen table
  • Carmelo Petix benefits from the blackmail, watching the catfight with the nympho wife
  • Désiré Bastareaud makes a brief appearance after the catfight
  • Michel Peruffo (?) may be the blackmailer

Monique Bruno plays a blonde nymphomaniac married to straight-laced Thierry de Brem. She goes out at night dressed in a fur coat over nothing but stockings and seduces strange men. The only example we see is her having sex with Dominique Aveline on a train.

Next morning she spies on her maid (brunette) having sex in the kitchen with a curly-haired Jean-Louis Vattier. That night she goes out again in her fur coat and, it is implied (we don't see it), visits strip joints and the like.

It seems she has been spotted by someone with a Polaroid camera and a man visits her next day and blackmails her into various sexual encounters - sex with Richard Lemieuvre and a black girl; watching a fight between a brunette (probably Cathy Stewart) and a blonde, followed by a brief appearance by Desir Bastareaud, while sitting with Carmelo Petix who then gets a bj from one of the participants (the blonde); visiting a dinner party and turning it into an orgy by stripping off and masturbating in front of the guests (Dominique Aveline, Richard Lemieuvre, Morgane, Celine Gallone, Cathy Stewart and others).

Her husband arrives in the middle of this and is mobbed but refuses to join in and then we seem him alone in a room with a gun while his wife revels in the revels.

The Italian video of this film steals the title and credits from the Italian release of My Pleasure Is My Business, 1975, but the blonde nympho is not Xaviera Hollander.


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